WATCH: California Cops Brutalize Fleeing, Unarmed Man with Baton

KGET - TV 17 Bakersfield
KGET - TV 17 Bakersfield

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Bakersfield police are responding to a video making the rounds on social media that shows officers chasing someone, catching them, then...

Ben Keller

Video shows two California cops chasing a man, then beating him with a baton during an arrest last week.

A video which surfaced on social media shows two Bakersfield cops chasing an unarmed man before he's slammed to the ground and beaten with a baton by one of them during a foot chase.

Police claim the man assaulted on of the officers, although the officer was not injured.

However, video footage of the incident captured by William Catalan with his cell phone doesn't show any assault.

Instead, it shows Jimenez running from the officers before one flings him to the ground by his arm before the other takes a running start, beating him several times with his baton.

"You mother f**ker!" the officer with the baton yells before the beating.

"Stop resisting!" he shouts.

But video shows the man obviously never resists.

It happened after emergency operators received a call about an intoxicated man running in and out traffic on December 11.

Two police responded and made contact with Robert Jimenez, 39, who fled on foot, before officers chased him down after using force in order to subdue him then charged him with assault on a police officer, public intoxication and resisting arrest, according to 23ABC.

The incident sparked an administration review by the Bakersfield Police Department to investigate the use of force during the arrest.

Anyone with information, or complaints, is asked to call the Bakersfield Police Department at (661) 327-7111.

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Bakersfield is the Kandahar of California.


Come on guys, he wasn't surrendering like he's supposed to. Are they just supposed to chase him for miles until he drops dead of exhaustion? That's what the batons are for. It's not like that other case in California were the guy tried to surrender after a chase out in the desert on horseback, and he got a beat down anyway. That was crossing the line.


The Cops lie, beat the guy down and should be charged just like the Cops in Chicago who are waiting for a Decision in their Bench Trial! Lock up cops like this and send them to prison!

Cops Gone Rogue