WATCH: Chicago Cop Stomps Shaquille O’Neal’s Head Into Pavement

Ben Keller

“Put the phone DOWN!” yelled the plainclothes Chicago cop at a witness

After stomping on Shaquille O’Neal’s head while another officer wrestled with him on the ground, and lay atop of him.

A one minute video of the incident was posted Monday by a bystander who recorded it on his cell phone, which you can see below.

Now, an undercover Chicago cop has been relieved of his duties after being caught on video kicking the defenseless O’Neal’s head into the pavement.

Chicago police claim they spotted the victim Shaquille O’Neal (no, not the NBA legend) in a drug deal and chased him, leading to a struggle on the ground while the cop attempted to handcuff him.

The second cop’s blow knocked him unconscious instantly.

Chicago police dropped possession charges against Shaquille O’Neal after the video gained publicity, but later arrested him on charges of aggravated battery by strangulation and aggravated battery of an officer when the bystander gave a copy of the video to authorities, according to local news reports.

The video begins begins with a plainclothes officer reaching for his gun after the victim on the ground tried to get up.

“He goin’ shoot us!” a bystander yells.

The cop apparently has second thoughts about shooting Shaquille O’Neal, who apparently wanted to get up, and goes back to struggling to handcuff him.

The first cop looks around, and reaches for the gun in his belt again when the camera pans to the right, where the second cop yells, “Get back, get back,” slamming the door to an unmarked SUV and then calling for backup.

“He’s calling back up,” yelled a bystander.

“Yeah, I am calling backup.”

“For what, bitch?” a bystander says. “Y’all scary as hell.”

About 39 seconds into the video, the second cop walks over and stomps on the man’s head into the pavement, which knocked him unconscious as his limbs go limp before several other officers arrived on the scene.

Bystanders begin yelling at the cop who then walks toward the camera yelling back at them, “Get the fuck back! Get the fuck back!”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m fixing to whack your ass,” another bystander replied.

“Y’all some bitches! Y’all goin’ die! Y’all goin’ end up dead!”

“He just kicked him unconscious!” someone tries to explain as police arrive on the scene.

About 100 protesters marched outside Chicago Police Headquarters early Tuesday morning alleging excessive force against Shaquille O’Neal.

“We are out here at 1 o’clock in the morning, because due to the fact of the video being released of a young man experiencing police brutality today on the West Side of Chicago. We are tired and we are fed up with the misconduct,” activist Lamon Reccord said.

The Chicago Police Department released a statement saying the unnamed cop would be ‘relieved of his police powers while the Independent Police Review Authority investigates the case’, while Chicago’s Police Union president blamed ‘anti-police attitude’ instead of the cop caught knocking a defenseless man unconscious with a kick to the head.

Dean Angelo said the unnamed cop was “victimized” and “subject to criminal behavior without consequence” and relentlessly defended the cop getting his job back even after video evidence proved the cop used excessive force.

“It’s just another disappointing display of what we consider to be a consistent anti-police-attitude. The police are just wondering what it takes to get considered as a viable part of society,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The president for the Young Leader’s Alliance Minister Jedidiah Brown said he was disheartened by the cop brutalizing O’Neal.

“Kicking him in the face was uncalled for, and it was a disgusting act, and I’m glad that that police officer has been stripped of his authority,” he told CBSlocal.

“He chose to stomp a young man’s face and knock him unconscious.”

O’Neal was taken to the hospital after the assault.

Thus far, no criminal charges have been filed against the unnamed cop seen stomping Shaquille O’Neal’s head in the video below.


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