WATCH: Colorado Cop Slams Female College Student’s Face to the Ground

Ben Keller

WATCH: Colorado Cop Slams Female College Student’s Face to the Ground

A Colorado cop was caught on a Snapchat video Thursday slamming a female college student to the ground during an arrest outside of a bar after she allegedly shoulder checked him.

The Thin Blue Line remains supportive of the officer, claiming the 22-year-old Colorado State University student committed felony assault seconds before he body slammed her.

However, they are refusing to release body cam footage that would prove their allegations.

The 9-second video that surfaced Thursday shows Fort Collins police officer Randall Klamser throwing Michaella Surat to the ground so hard that she suffered bruising to her face and knees.

Klamser then charged Surat with felony assault and obstruction of a police officer.

After reviewing the clip, a spokeswoman for the police department said the move was a “standard arrest technique.”

It happened during the arrest of Surat’s boyfriend outside of a bar after police say they received a disturbance call, identifying him as one of two male suspects.

Police began questioning her boyfriend, but say they told Surat she was free to leave the scene.

According to their version of events, that’s when she assaulted Klamser.

However, the clip shows Surat stepping away from Klamser when he grabs her, then slams her body to the ground.

Surat lands face first and suffers a concussion.

Fort Collins Police Chief John Hutto

Fort Collins Police Chief John Hutto is standing by his officer despite video evidence that does not show her posing a threat to Klamser.

“At the conclusion of these investigative processes, the body worn camera video will be made available to the public,” the chief said.

“Additionally, rarely in use-of-force situations is there agreement from all the parties involved as to the appropriateness, efficacy, or necessity of its use.

“These questions are only answered through the analysis of all the evidence after the fact.”

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