WATCH: Cop Calls Woman "Disrespectful Little F*cking C*nt" for Recording Cops

Carlos Miller

Buffalo Police Lieutenant Mike DeLong has been suspended without pay. It's not the first time.

A Buffalo cop who stood inches from a woman's face and called her a "disrespectful little f*cking c*nt" for recording police in public has been suspended without pay.

"I don't care if I go viral," Buffalo Police Lieutenant Mike DeLong said in the video that has gone viral, leading to his suspension.

The incident took place Sunday when the woman, Ruweyda Salim, came across Buffalo police confronting a man outside a 7-11 convenience store, frisking him as they surrounded him.

Salim began recording from about 25 feet away, not saying a word, exercising her First Amendment right to document police activity in public.

But that did not go well with Lieutenant DeLong who walked up to her, informing her that "we have cameras too," which was his way of telling her she did not need to record.

He then began invading her personal space the way cops like to do, putting his doughy face directly in front of her face with the hope she touches him, which would then allow him to viciously beat her into unconsciousness and charge her with a felony.

"Move me," he tells her after she asks him to step back, trying his best to engage her.

But Salim was not taking the bait, telling him to "get away from me." He then starts pressing his body into her body as if he was trying to walk and she was impeding his movement. Typical cop tactics that serve no other purpose than to escalate the verbal interaction into a physical altercation.

He then resorted to other cop tactics like ordering her off the sidewalk with the irrational logic that only a cop can muster.

"You can get off the sidewalk though," he tells her.


"Because it's a public sidewalk," he responds.

"And I'm a public person and I live here," she responds.

"So start walking," he tells her, another unlawful order.

"No, I don't have to," she responds.

"You do," he insists.

"No, I don't," she corrects him.

He calls her a "disrespectful little f*cking c*nt" when he realizes his intimidation tactics are not working on her. People react a little differently to unlawful orders when they know their rights.

DeLong later tells Salim that they have been dealing with the same man for 20 years so they are familiar with him.

"How old are you, 12? 14?" he asks her, insinuating she was too young to understand the situation at hand. "I don't care if I go viral."

The video has gone viral and now DeLong is suspended without pay. And it's not the first time.

A quick Google search reveals DeLong was suspended without pay in 2014 for a "domestic incident," which is not surprising considering his bullying controlling personality.

And that personality obviously did not deter him from receiving several promotions since then which is probably why he doesn't really care if he goes viral. It may just lead to another promotion for the cop who made more than $96,000 last year and more than $120,000 in 2018, according to WKBW.

Salim posted the video to Facebook and Twitter on Monday with the following description:

Wheeew child, the Buffalo PD are a bunch of scum. Watch this officer call me a Cunt 🙃. Yesterday, I was pulling out of 7/11 parking lot and saw police cars rolling in. I started recording bc I saw a 5 cops walking towards the man in the video, the blonde female cop was walking towards him with a Baton in her hand and the male cop who was physically harassing me yelled at us to “get the fuck out of here” bc we where driving out of the parking lot slow. I was no where near them. I was immediately concerned.

I’ve lived on the west side of buffalo for my whole life (pre-gentrification), I’ve seen people in my community battle substance abuse and mental illness. He seemed off, but I was not threatened by him in the slightest. They tried to say he had a weight in his hand, this man had no weapon in his hand. They made him so “dangerous” but people where going in and out of 7-11 inches away from him, he was fully cooperative. I never went near him, all I did was record from the side walk and tell the man he doesn’t have to talk to them about 3 times, bc of that I had 3 officers bully me. I wish someone was recording them harassing me.

The cop in the video literally walked up on me and physically and verbally harassed me by shoving his whole body against me, breathing on me, calling me out of my name, and making sexist remarks. I kept trying move away from but he kept coming after me. He was overtly intimidating me and trying to provoke me. None of the 9 other cops stopped this man from physically harassing me.

I’m so small and not intimidating in the slightest but they acted like was such a threat. Who’s training these people? Why is acceptable for them to degrade me? Armed police officers should be able to effectively do their job with out being threatened by civilians recording them.

P.S. when I said it doesn’t matter or that I don’t care if he is out of his mind, it not that don’t care about his pain or that supposedly committed a crime. I said that bc the police officer was trying to incriminate the man to justify their actions. It 👏🏾does 👏🏾not👏🏾matter👏🏾what👏🏾his👏🏾crime👏🏾was👏🏾.

DeLong then pulled over the car that Salim was in after she had left to continue the harassment and intimidation.

DeLong is the third cop to be suspended without pay this month. The other cops, Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski, have also been charged with second-degree assault for shoving an elderly protester, leaving him critically injured.

Watch the edited video above or the original unedited video below.

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this is the mentality of a lot of the blue lies mafia!
this POS needs to loose his law enforcement certificate PERMANENTLY! with the getting in her face , name calling and unlawful fallowing just to pull her over later! we have intimidation, coercion, retaliation, malicious prosecution and a first amendment violation.
it is time for that "accountability" thing they have been promising us for soooo long to kick in! and not just some slap on the wrist crap that we see all the time.......


Piece of shit needs to be strung up for municipal terrorism. Firing him doesn't mean shit. After everything that's happened the past month these fucking imbeciles just don't get it.


Awww he used his big boy words, his mama must be so proud of him.

Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

His damn ass needs to be fired because he knew what he was doing was wrong and he didn’t even care because he knows in his mind that he wasn’t going to be disciplined even though he has a past history of being the biggest SOB that the Lord almighty has ever put a damn pair of feet on.😡😎

Cops Gone Rogue