WATCH: Cop Fatally Shoots 'Aggressive' Rescue Dog that Charged him, Police say

Cop shoots, kills ‘aggressive’ dog that charged at officer, police say
Cop shoots, kills ‘aggressive’ dog that charged at officer, police say

The Vernon Police Department released partial body cam footage of a dog barking and lunging at a cop before the officer fires a fatal shot on July 27, 2019.

Ben Keller

A New Jersey cop's body cam shows him shooting at what police say was an aggressive dog charging towards him.

New body cam footage shows a police officer from the Vernon Township Police Department responding to a call about an "aggressive" dog in a neighborhood on Monday, July 28.

Patrolman Emanuel Rivera shoots the dog after it approaches him and growls.

Police say residents complained about the dog's aggressive behavior.

Jenn Hearon, the dog's owner, said she and her husband adopted the dog named Hiro from an organization that saves dogs from kill shelters called the Eleventh Hour Rescue.

Hearon said her dog was friendly but often found a way to escape, so they'd have to retrieve their beloved pet.

"We called him Houdini as a joke because we could never figure out how he escaped," she told

"You had more of a fear of being licked to death than anything else," she said, adding that she never heard Hiro growl.

The video starts with officer Rivera talking with the person who called to complain about the aggressive dog.

The man then shows Rivera a picture of the animal.

Rivera speaks with neighbors next door about a "tan dog running around" before Hiro is is spotted in the street nearby.

Rivera begins towards Hiro then asks the neighbors if the dog bites.

No response can be heard in the commotion during the video.

As Rivera continues into the street, video shows Hiro running and taking a defensive posture towards him and barking.

That's when Rivera pulls his pistol.

The video ends just before Hiro is shot and killed by one bullet.

"Back up!" he yells at the dog.

"We heard a pop and my neighbor was calling me saying my dog was shot," Hearon said in an interview.

"He is cheerful and happy and joyous, and I let him out to go to the bathroom, and the next thing you know he is dead."

The United States Department of Justice has laid out guidelines that say lethal force against dogs is usually not necessary.

"The use of a weapon is seldom required in dog-related incidents or encounters."

“Lethal force is a last resort and rarely necessary. If lethal force is used, an investigation should be conducted, and it should include any other prior shooting incidents that the officer may have had involving dogs," the guidelines explain.

Hearon and her husband intend on speaking to a lawyer about the incident.

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And now he’s been charged with sexual assault. The dog thing happened next door to me. The dog was not aggressive he is just trigger happy.
This jerk has more force arrests than anyone in the pd here. They made a bad judgment in hiring him. He’s a pos.


i blame the S.O.B "neighbor". he planted the seeds of fear in the cop. i carry a gun, a dog would have to actually bite me in order for me to shoot it, even then i probably wouldn't. new jersey sucks


This cop will be getting a stern talking to from G-d when he gets to heaven.... And I'm not even religious! I hope he has regret and that this bothers him on a deep fundamental level as a human being, because it should. It bothers me.


Their guns are their only love. Everything is a major threat that deserves to be put down. Not a brain or even a tiny bit of empathy in any of them. Their automatic reaction to everything is pull, aim, fire. Ooops. Sorry. That bird threatened my life. It swooped toward me, I had no choice but to shoot. Idiots that have been given free reign to kill, maim, harm, harass anybody and everything. We are cops, Fuck You.


pussy cop!

pepper spray works just fine!

Cops Gone Rogue