WATCH: Cops Arrest Man for Recording from own Driveway, asking for Badge Numbers

Carlos Miller

Nevada cops charge man for creating a public nuisance when he asked for their badge numbers.

A blatant act of thuggery was caught on video last month when a group of North Las Vegas police officers beat and arrested a man for recording from his own driveway.

The man had demanded their badge numbers. Police called that a public nuisance. The video shows they were the public nuisance.

They then threatened to arrest another man on the same charge for saying, "He wasn't breakin no law" and "Call an ambulance. they really f*cked him up."

Another cop threatened to arrest that man for misusing 911 if he dared call 911 to report their criminal actions (not that it would have made any difference because they're all part of the same gang).

The cops were arresting a woman for unknown reasons when the man asked for their badge numbers.

The incident took place on November 16, 2019 and was posted on the YouTube channel of Nevada attorney Stephen P. Stubbs with the following info:

On November 16, 2019 in North Las Vegas, Terrel Gregory noticed police activity at his friend's/neighbor's house, stood at the end of his driveway, and recorded police from his property. He also demanded the names and badge numbers from the officers (which they would not give). He was then forcibly arrested for "public nuisance", specifically for "yelling and screaming in the middle of the street and in his driveway causing several neighbors to come outside disturbing the quiet of the neighborhood." He was also arrested for "Obstruction" and "Resisting Arrest". All for protesting the police action verbally.

@3:45, the main arresting officer threatens a different neighbor (also in his driveway) with arrest for public nuisance, if that neighbor doesn't shut up. That neighbor was yelling "He wasn't breakin no law." and "Call an ambulance. they really f*** him up".

@4:05, the female arresting officer threatens neighbors with arrest (misuse of 911) is they call the police to report them.

The time stamps have been changed in the above video because it has been shortened. Stubbs said he is not representing the victim and has no more information.

Unedited video below.

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another contempt of cop charge! i just checked the public nuisance law and it very broad and doesn't apply to this issue. the pigs used it as a cover there ass charge!

Stubbs said he is not representing the victim. so what happened? the cops get to him too! did the cop adopt the annoy a cop law and forget it DOESN'T apply there?


If asking a question you have every right to ask is creating a public nuisance, then a police officer questioning someone for any reason would also be an arrest-able offense. Creating a public nuisance is a breach of the peace, which allows a lawful citizen's arrest to be made in most states.

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