WATCH: Cops Pull Black Man out of Car at Gunpoint in Case of Mistaken Identity

Carlos Miller

The man had been feeding the homeless when cops confronted him.

Convinced they had the man they were looking for, Oakland police followed two outreach workers who had been helping feed the homeless and pulled them over, dragging and handcuffing the man in the passenger seat as well as handcuffing the woman driver.

At first, the cops claimed it was all over an illegal lane change which seemed like overkill considering they all had their guns drawn on the man as a police helicopter hovered above. They eventually admitted they thought the black man in the passenger seat was another black man they were looking for.

The two workers, identified only as Yanna and Akil, were working with The Village, an organization that helps the homeless. They had just returned to the East Oakland Collective, another community organization that works with underserve communities, when several cop cars pulled up behind them.

The cops began calling the man by a different name while pulling him out of the car, then piling on top of him where they demanded he put his hands behind his back.

"How do I do that," Akil asked, considering they were physically preventing him for placing his hands behind his back.

The video was posted on the Instagram channel of the East Oakland Collective with the following description:

Oakland Police Department followed and targeted two unhoused outreach workers with The Village. Handcuffing and detaining them in the parking lot of The East Oakland Collective. Guns drawn. Threatened to be tased. Police helicopter up. Yanna and Akil had just finished distributing water, food and supplies to fellow unhoused residents; and were coming to meet with us. The police initially didn’t tell us why they were being pulled over and didn’t ask for ID. Eventually said it was for a lane change. It wasn’t until they pulled off with Akil in the squad car that they finally admitted the real reason—Akil matched the description of a suspect who committed a crime in the area. They racially profiled this brother who was simply out serving the people. So this is how OPD treats essential workers during COVID19 pandemic?!

The cops released the two workers with no charges. Watch the shortened video above or the full video below.

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Camera are a must. Dash cams, body cams, etc. And now we are gonna need a mew place to publicly display these videos to reach a larger audience. But be smarter than dumb ass cops. We need all people on our side, if we yell racist at every encounter, regardless of race, it alienates people and some will immediately turn off empathy. We need to overhaul this institution of weak-minded, submissive, scared little girl, rapist law enforcement.
They do this to every race. Scared submissive bitches hate anyone that doesn't immediately follow their irrational child-like commands.

Ever notice that you don't see this type if behavior AS MUCH from the SO. SHERIFF DEPARTMENT. it is usually, not always, but usually these lame city police officers who cant handle the stress and then lash out like this. Thank God there is no more SNY yards in California. Let these bitches into GP. Answer for their crimes.

Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

This is just simply why the Lord almighty is allowing so many of them to be inflicted with the coronavirus.😡😎


so, just standard SOP for a traffic stop!
pigs have been given way too much power. it is no wonder why they use and abuse it!


Subjects description, black male.

Cops Gone Rogue