WATCH: Cops Shoot Unarmed 13-Year-old Autistic Boy after Mom Calls them for Help

Carlos Miller

Salt Lake City police released bodycam footage of one of their officers shooting 13-year-old Linden Cameron in a chase.

A distraught mother in Utah called police for help with her 13-year-old autistic son who has having a mental episode, refusing to allow her to take him to the hospital for treatment.

Salt Lake City police showed up and shot him several times.

Linden Cameron was unarmed.

"I don't feel to good," said Cameron after a cop fired his gun almost a dozen times. "Tell my mom I love her."

The incident took place on September 4 after Cameron's mother, Golden Barton, called 911 because her son was "out of control." She said she needed to take him to a local hospital for treatment but he was refusing to go.

She told the dispatcher that he son had been in a "shootout" with cops before in another state and might even be in possession of a fake gun. She also told the dispatcher that her son is "triggered" by cops which probably made the cops even more paranoid than usual.

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune:

Barton told the dispatcher that Linden has led police on a chase before and had been in “a shootout” with a police agency in Nevada. She said that her son had showed an employee of hers a fake gun the previous day, and told the officers who arrived that he might have that gun with him.

She warned the dispatcher, and later told responding officers, that Linden was scared of police and that a police badge was a “trigger.”

“We need him to go to the hospital,” the mother told an officer, according to bodycam video. “I need him to go to a hospital. I can’t get him to get there on my own. And I cannot do this every night.”

A team of officers went to the home to try to get Linden, the body camera footage shows, but he ran from the house into the backyard, and then ran into the neighborhood.

The officers went after him, with two of the officers breaking through a wooden fence to try to get to the running boy. The chase was short, and the body camera shows only one officer fired his weapon.

Police have said after the shooting that they found “no indication” the boy had a weapon on him.

Cameron survived the shooting but is still hospitalized and will probably never walk normal again, his brother told the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill is still reviewing the case to see if any charges will be filed against the cop.

It is still not clear what incident Golden was referring to when she told dispatchers her son had been involved in a shootout with cops in Nevada but the Reno Gazette Journal reported earlier this year that her father, Owen E. Barton, had been killed by the Lyon County Sheriff's Office in Nevada.

Camerons family have set up a Go Fund Me drive to raise money for his medical expenses. They have raised $98,906 out of a goal of $100,000 as of this writing.

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This one may me cry poor boy he was Scare of the law


Dead Cops Make the Best Cops.

USA Government Employees (local to federal) are criminals.

Acorn Woodpecker
Acorn Woodpecker

Her father. His grandfather. Small difference to the kid. I can't divine her intentions, however if I wanted police to kill someone for me, the set of circumstances she relayed would likely get the job done. Anyone think she might sue for wrongful death?


this is what you get when you teach "killology" training in kop school!


"I don't feel to good," "Tell my mom I love her."


Sounds like his father was shot and so he was afraid. Apparently, rightfully so. Officers used to be respected, because with the authority and leeway they were granted, they risked their lives and only pulled the trigger as a last resort.(That was the perception anyway)

Now we hire people who are taught to be afraid at all times, and the most important thing is for them to make it home at the end of the day. That is why they are losing our respect. I have been through some police training and have seen this first hand.


Did I see that correctly?! They shot him in the back?!!!

Cops Gone Rogue