WATCH: Dash Cam Shows Man was not Jaywalking when Beaten

Carlos Miller

WATCH: Dash Cam Shows Man was not Jaywalking when Beaten by Sacramento Cop

Sacramento police released the dash cam video showing the cop stop a man for jaywalking, then proceeding to choke and beat him when the man did not lie flat on the ground to receive his summons.

Or maybe the cop planned to jail him for jaywalking.

Or more likely, the cop just planned to arrest him for the timeworn crime of Walking While Black.

Many will claim that does not happen, but it’s hard to believe the cop would have done the same to a white man crossing the street at an intersection, which is legal under California law as well as Sacramento municipal code.

In fact, as the blog Systemic Failure points out, the cop should have cited a driver who blasted through the intersection despite the fact a pedestrian was walking across it.

After crossing the street at Cypress Street and Grand Avenue, Nandi Cain, 24, continued walking on the sidewalk as pedestrians are expected to do.

That was when the Sacramento cop – whose name still has not been released – pulled up behind him, stepped out of the car and ordered him to take his hands out of his pockets, accusing him of having jaywalked.

Cain complied, placing his hands in the air, but walked forward a few feet, telling the cop that he had looked both ways before crossing.

“Stop right now before I take you to the ground,” the cop threatens.

But Cain accused the cop of harassing him, saying he had broken no law.

The cop kept approaching Cain, but Cain walked back a few feet, obviously fearing the bully cop.

At the point, Cain was standing in the middle of the street, which was the closest time he came to jaywalking, but that wasn’t why he was being harassed.

“Get down on the ground now,” the cop repeatedly ordered, perhaps not realizing a woman was recording from a car.

“You got a gun, I don’t have nothing,” Cain said, pulling off his jacket and laying it in the street to show the cop he was not armed.

“If you’re a real man, you would take your gun away, and you can fight me like a real man,” Cain said.

And that, of course, is what prompted the cop to attack him, using that excuse to claim he was in fear for his life.

The cop then pounced on him, grabbing him by the neck and throwing him down on the street, then sitting on top of him and punching him repeatedly.

The beating continued as another cop sped up in his car to join in the abuse. Several more cops arrived, who twisted his arms behind his back and walked him to a patrol car as he tells them people cross that intersection daily.

“You can take that gun and shoot me in the head right now because I’m tired of living,” a handcuffed Cain says as he is placed in the back of the patrol car.

But what he is really saying is that he is tired of being abused. And you don’t have to be black to understand that.

The cop, who’s been on the force for two years, has been suspended with pay over the incident.

We can only imagine what kind of abusive history he has on record considering they have refused to release his name.

If you know it, please email it to We will keep your name out of it.


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