WATCH: Denver Cop Accused of Ramming Baton into Man's Anus during Protest

Carlos Miller

Michael Jacob, 23, is accusing a Denver police officer of ramming a baton into his anus during a violent arrest.

A Colorado man said he was protesting against police brutality in July when a group of Denver cops tackled him from behind and began punching him in the face while another cop rammed his baton into his anus.

A video of the incident appears to support the allegation, showing the cops pile on top of Michael Jacobs while one cop appears to thrust his baton into his rear.

And doctors later diagnosed Jacobs with rectal and anal hemorrhage as well as hemorrhoids, according to Denverite.

But the Denver Police Department has not been reluctant to investigate the allegation that took place on July 29, claiming its hands are tied because Jacobs has not provided a statement.

Jacobs said he does not trust the same agency that sexually violated him to investigate the officer involved. As of now, Denver police have not even released the cop's name.

They are also accusing him of trying to take an officer's weapon but they always say that when they want to protect themselves from any real accountability.

According to Denverite:

According to the police report filed by an officer that night, Jacobs had been trying to push down a fence around Veteran’s Park when police tried to arrest him. Jacobs “immediately began to violently resist arrest,” the report states. The report also states that Jacobs tried to take an officer’s pepper-ball gun. The Denver District Attorney’s Office charged Jacobs with trying to disarm a cop.

But Jacobs says police invented that charge to help excuse what they did next. He says a group of officers punched him, beat him with a baton and stepped on him.

“And then one of the other officers who was kind of in the back took his baton, lifted it in the air and thrust it with all of his strength into my butt,” Jacobs told Denverite.

Jacobs’s attorneys say a video circulating online captures the incident. It shows a person running and being tackled by several police officers who then beat and subdue that person. One officer can be seen jabbing his baton toward the person’s rear end while they’re lying on the ground.

The video above contains no audio but another video clip from the incident captures Jacob yelling, "He tried to sodomize me."

Jacobs is still facing the felony charge of attempting to disarm a police officer.

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Think 4 urself
Think 4 urself

"Has not been reluctant"... It's called proof reading, and you should stop skipping that step.


what better way for the blue lies mafia to cover up there crimes then blame the victim for something that didn't happen!

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