WATCH: Deputies Hold Black Teens at Gunpoint who were Victims of Knife Assault

Carlos Miller

The Los Angeles sheriff's deputies claimed they were afraid the teens would strike them with their skateboards.

The incompetency of modern-day policing was on full display last week when Los Angeles sheriff's deputies were called about a homeless man threatening to kill three Black teenage boys with a knife, only for the deputies to arrive and hold the teens at gunpoint while the man with the knife got away.

Even after bystanders tried to tell the deputies they were detaining the wrong people, the deputies were not about to be told what to do.

"Get away from me," a deputy yells at the bystanders who are nowhere near him as he keeps his rifle pointed at the kids. "Back up!"

Eventually, deputies determined the kids did not do anything wrong and released them. But by that time, the homeless man with the knife was gone.

The deputies, however, justified their actions by pointing out the Black kids had skateboards which made them fear for their lives, claiming the call came in as an "assault with a deadly weapon," specifically the teens attacking the homeless man with their skateboards.

But a woman at the scene claimed otherwise.

"I called you guys to tell you there's a crazy Mexican man chasing three African-Americans with skateboards," said a woman identifying herself as the manager of a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings.

"I told your sergeant who was the problem and what was going on."

According to Tammi Collins, the mother of one of the boys, the boys were sitting at a bus bench when they were approached by a homeless man who asked them for crack cocaine before pulling a knife on them.

She said the boys were using their skateboards to shield themselves from the knife. And several people were on the scene telling the deputies the teens were the victims so it's not clear who told the deputies that the teens were the assailants.

Collins posted the 11-minute video to Instagram with the following description:

I wanted to share what happened to my son yesterday in SCV when he was with a couple of friends sitting at a bus stop headed home. He was attacked by a gentleman (homeless guy) who approached them and first asked them if they had any crack then tried to take their things. The guy became so aggressive that he took his shirt off pulled out a knife and whip them tried to stabbed them. His friends only had their skate boards to cover them from the knife and whip so they held it out to keep distance from this guy. Several bystanders including the restaurant manager of Buffalo Wild wings called the police to get help for the boys but “One” caller called the police and reported two black guys are attacking a homeless guy. This is how the police responded. This is something my son and his friends will never forget. I’m still wonder how will I ever help my son recover from this traumatic experience. Please pray for my family. Please Share to protect our kids!!!

As far as the homeless man goes, deputies determined "no crime had taken place" after questioning the teens. They also said they had to deal with a large "uncooperative" crowd at the scene which made them further fear for their lives, according to Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

But the crowd was trying to keep them from killing innocent children while a dangerous homeless man was making his getaway.

Watch the shortened video above or the original 11-minute video here.

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There are bad apples at every job. Society cant afford this from police or anyone in positions of power. Hire federal task fo
Force to go undercover and test police in real enacted situations for reactions and the way they respond to the general public. Massive police testing and checking a new part of the job. People in power have gone unchecked for too long. It all starts with knowing your being watched and held accountable. Look at the changes camera phones made there is hope.


This is a damn shame and I know damn well there's better officers out there. What happened to protect and serve nowadays you call for the police your own life can be very well in danger sad but true. Thank you Pinac news


Paranoid pigs with guns. Their training is a total joke as is evident in this video.


Decent Decree and still acting Bad!


As far as the homeless man goes, deputies determined "no crime had taken place" after questioning the teens.

there was a crime! whether the kids or the homeless guy started it, is debatable....
as for the blue lies mafia rolling up felony stop style on the kids, while the other guy gets away..... very inappropriate! this isn't them being AFRAID for there lives! it's them asserting there authority over others to the detriment of instilling fear! and when they where told that the kids where the victims, they should have ended the felony stop procedure right there! and then focus on finding the guy that got away!
but once again police logic fails! this is clearly excessive force!


Cops get it wrong and the one thing cops never do is 'apologize' They would rather die than apologize to anyone.

Cops Gone Rogue