WATCH: Deputy Tasers Man on Tractor after he "Aggressively Attempted to Flee"

Ben Keller

Florida deputy tasers man in the back after he "aggressively attempted to flee."

Dash cam video released September 3 shows a Washington County deputy using his taser on a man he pulled over for driving a stolen tractor erratically.

Footage shows the tractor briefly swerving on the road before the deputy pulls over a man identified as Charles Nicholas McNeil.

McNeil stumbles off the tractor and greets the officer while smoking a cigarette.

The deputy was allegedly provided a fictitious name initially.

McNeil later told the deputy his driver's license was not valid.

During a search the deputy allegedly found a partially labeled prescription bottle with pills inside.

When the deputy attempted to arrest McNeil, he turned away and "aggressively attempted to flee," according to the police report.

As the deputy continued his attempts to subdue McNeil, police claim he attempted to pick up the deputy and slam him to the ground, according to ABC7.

McNeil attempted to flee again before he was tasered by the deputy in the middle of the road.

Video footage shows McNeil falling to the ground before the video ends.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Officer, McNeil hit his head and lost consciousness after being tasered.

McNeil was later taken to the hospital and treated for unknown injuries and issued a Notice to Appear on resisting arrest with violence, providing a false name to law enforcement and possession of a prescription drug and battery on a law enforcement officer.

It's not yet clear whether or not he intends to file a civil rights lawsuit for his injuries.

​Watch the full video released by the Washington County Sheriff's Office above.

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Drugs make idiots more stupid. Anyone risking my safety by driving intoxed gets no sympathy from me. Better he dies than me dies..


The use of the taser, a deadly weapon, appeared unwarranted. Cop should be held personally responsible for the injuries of the victim from that fall dues to the electrocution.

Lack of body cam video makes figuring what else the cops lied about more difficult.

Cops Gone Rogue