WATCH: Deputy Whispers to Man: "I'll Show you what F*cking Freedom of Speech is"

Carlos Miller

A Florida sheriff's deputy has been suspended after a video of him has gone viral.

A 13-second video that surfaced online Sunday has led to the suspension of a Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy who forced a man against the wall and whispered in his ear, "I'll show you what f*cking freedom of speech is."

The man, Kevin Wygant, 19, had just told the deputy, "Yes, I do have freedom of speech," which tends to irritate the controlling nature of cops.

"Not to us you don't," responded Palm Beach sheriff's deputy Charles Rhoads.

"Oh, I don't have the freedom of speech to you?" Wygant asked.

"F*ck no," responded Rhoads before pushing him against the wall. "I'll show you what f*cking freedom of speech is."

The video was posted on Instagram by attorney Benjamin Crump who said Wygant was arrested after witnessing a fight.

But according to WPTV, he was arrested for trespassing.

The restaurant had requested PBSO remove several individuals from the property "due to them causing a disturbance in the restaurant," the arrest report stated.

The arrest report went onto say a PBSO sergeant asked Wygant to leave the front of the restaurant several times, and when he kept coming back, he was arrested for trespass after warning.

On Monday, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office released this statement about the actions of Deputy Rhoads:

"We have identified the Deputy who responded to the disturbance that occurred yesterday evening at a restaurant in the Village of Wellington. Sheriff Bradshaw does not condone the behavior of our deputy and takes this matter very seriously. He has requested an internal affairs investigation into this incident. Our deputy has been placed on administrative leave until the conclusion of this investigation."

Wygant was charged with trespassing and another person he was with was charged with trespassing, disorderly intoxication, resisting without violence and obstruction of justice.

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Until the Police Unions are busted up no meaningful change wull take place. Being a Police Officer must come with greater responsibilities and consuqences. So when you violate peoples rights, what an ordinary citizen might be charged with will be enhanced if you carry LEO Credientioals. And it wont matter if you are in uniform or not. Dont like it that way, well I am sure they might be hiring at a local Fast Food establishment. But you wanting to be a bully will probably get you fired from there as well/


so this super hero cop likes to whisper sweet nothings in peoples ears.... i bet that skill wont help him when he gets to the unemployment line!


Cops are going to learn not people are sick of having thier rights trampled by ego maniacs. People are wise to not cooperating with the Nazi police state.

Cops Gone Rogue