WATCH:Florida Bail Bondsmen Beat Man with Metal Pipe for Missing Court

Ben Keller

Florida bail bondsmen were busted on video beating a man with a metal pipe

Punching and macing him after he missed a November court date for a suspended license.

“This is how they act when they don’t know they’re being recorded,” Lara Laign, the woman who recorded the video on December 13 told NBCMiami.

“It was just insane.”

“I was just so disturbed and disgusted by what I just saw,” she said.

Video shows AAA Star Bail Bondsmen from Palm Beach County brutalizing Anthony Hall and then smashing the window to his home with the same metal pipe used to beat him.

“I don’t care if you’re the baddest person in the world,” Laign said.

“There’s no reason to beat someone while they’re on the ground with their hands behind their backs and then break their window.”

“It doesn’t make any sense.”

Bail bonds agent Brandon Gaines said he was only defending himself.

“I was defending myself,” Gaines said during a telephone interview.

“My partner’s and my life was in danger. We were dealing with a 265-pound kid that has a criminal past history.”

According to the agents, they used the metal bar to bust open the door of Hall’s home.

But Hall picked up the bar before they were able to get it back.

The agents stated they’re trying to file charges against Hall for biting and punching them.

But Hall’s attorney Russell Williams says the video speaks for itself and will file a complaint against the bond company.

“The video speaks for itself, if you get past the fact he missed court he still has rights in the state of Florida,” Williams said.

Williams said his client suffered a broken nose during the incident.

Hall, who was unarmed, was treated at the hospital and then taken to jail.


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