WATCH: Florida Cops Arrest, Beat Man for Saying, "Get the F**k Out of Here"

👮🏾‍♂️🚫 Officer Hassel Daytona beach Fl 06/09/19

Ben Keller

A Florida man was arrested, apparently for exercising his freedom of speech.

Florida police officers were caught on video losing their tempers and brutally arresting a man who told them to "get the f**k out of here."

Video posted to Facebook June 6 by Jomardick Wilcox begins with Daytona Beach police officer Jerome Hassell asking a man to repeat something he said.

"Before that . . . what'd you say?" Hassell can be seen asking the man.

"Get the f**k out of here," the man replies before Hassell immediately grabs the man.

"You can't arrest me," the man protests.

"That's my freedom of speech."

A witness recording the incident also chimes in.

"That's freedom of speech! You can't arrest him!"

But as PINAC has shown in thousands of stories over the years: just because cops aren't supposed to do something, that doesn't mean they won't.

The officers proceed to arrest the man.

Footage shows them grabbing the man by the shoulders, pushing his head downward and sweeping his legs until he falls.

"Get on the ground! Get on the f**cking ground!" the cops scream at the man.

"That's freedom of speech man; you can't arrest him for that shit!" the man recording says as three officers arrest the man, knee him in the side and threaten to tase him.

"You can't arrest me!" the man being arrested repeats.

As the officer pulls his hands behind his back, Hassell tells him to put his hands out or he'll "get tased."

"You can't arrest me," the man says again as officer Hassell puts away his taser.

"What? the officers asks?

"You're going to jail."

"Y'all are some dirty ass cops," the man recording says to the officer as they walk the handcuffed man out the door and into their patrol car.

The man recording requests the officers badges numbers, but none of the officers respond with their names or badge numbers.

"Y'all are some pigs; y'all are some pigs!"

"Stop, stop, stop," one officer says, apparently trying to calm the man down before he became the next victim.

"You can't let your ego go above the law," the man recording says before the video ends.

None of the officers gave their names, but we sleuthed Facebook and google and found the officer questing the man in the beginning of the video is Jerome Hassell, who the department posted about in 2018 on its Facebook page.

Daytona police officer Jerome Hassell(Facebook)

So far, the video, which can be seen above, has been viewed 35,000 times on Facebook.

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If people would continue to sue the police, they'll soon realize that they aren't getting raises, equipment, etc. Police stations are only given so much money like the schools or other public supported entity. When they give it all out on law suits, they'll start holding those lose cannons responsible for their actions.


Unfortunately while you may be correct that LEGALLY you should not be arrested. They know the old saying "You may beat the RAP, but you wont beat the ride". Laws need to be changed where there are more severe consuqences against the police when they Illegally Arrest someone. They need to learn the Laws regarding Arresting someone or they need to find another profession.

Fascist Slayer
Fascist Slayer

LOL.. You don't have freedom of speech in Amerifuck. You're having an Americunt dream. Amerifuck is a, whatever you say and do, can and will be used against you, fuck hole. Stop blaspheming freedom and free speech by calling that fuck hole a free nation with free speech, its not. Besides a Google terms and conditions overrides that piece of shit Constitution you dumb asses are always crying about. Amerirot.

Cops Gone Rogue