Watch: Footage Shows Atlanta Cop Stealing Cash from Homicide Victim

Keith Palmer

An Atlanta police officer has been fired for mishandling money that belonged to a homicide victim.

Footage from Atlanta Police Department Officer Keisha Richburg's body-worn camera shows the alleged incident unfolding on June 19.

The Atlanta Police Department released a 130-page report along with body camera video revealing Richburg's alleged theft. Richburg was fired on July 8.

Atlanta police Chief Erika Shields says Richburg mishandled the belongings of a dead homicide victim while responding to a shooting in Atlanta. The report said Richburg stole $500 in cash out of the wallet of the victim. Richburg was supposed to take the victim's wallet, money, and phone to the hospital for his family.

Richburg's body camera shows her receiving the victim's wallet, cash, and cell phone from a paramedic, WGAL News reports. The wallet had $500 folded and tucked inside. Seconds later, Richburg puts the wallet in her car.

In the video Richburg is seen transferring the victim's wallet from her right hand to her left hand. That's when Atlanta police noticed the money was no longer tucked inside the wallet.

Richburg arrived at Grady Hospital, where the victim was transported. She handed off the now-empty wallet to a Homicide Unit sergeant.

The investigation was never able to determine what Richburg did with the cash. Once the administrative case file is closed, it will be forwarded to the District Attorney's Office for review.

Chief Shields said officer integrity is at the heart of the department, and Richburg's actions violated the trust between the public and police.

Atlanta police say:

"Richburg violated the department's recovered property, truthfulness and appropriate action required rules."

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Al Pierrepoint

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