WATCH: Georgia Cop Plants Knee on Woman's Neck after Tasering her

Nathan Dimoff

Two videos have surfaced on TikTok sparking an internal investigation.

Two videos surfaced on TikTok Thursday of an altercation involving a Gwinnett County police officer placing his knee on a woman’s neck.

The first video starts off with the cop speaking to one of the three women who appeared to be relaxing and socializing on a patio. The officer gave the women an ultimatum of either leaving the area or be arrested for obstructing his investigation.

“I’m not going nowhere, it doesn’t matter. You’re on our property. We did not call you,” Kyndesia Smith, the woman standing up, tells the officer.

The officer then asks the woman if she wants to go to jail.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she replied.

The cop who has been identified by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as Michael Oxford then reached for his belt for his handcuffs and made his way towards her to arrest her.

The woman identified Aytra Thomas quickly stands behind the other two women who were sitting down and the cop reaches over them to grab her and a struggle ensues.

Thirty-five seconds into the video, the officer tells the woman to get on the ground, following saying “taser, taser.”

He fires his taser, forcing the woman to fall off the patio into bushes.

“Turn over, put your hands behind your back,” the officer demands, while the taser prongs are still in her leg.

The officer waited twenty-seconds before radioing in that he deployed his taser

The officer gets on top of the woman and continues to demand that she roll over.

The woman replies once more that she cannot, due to the taser prongs in her leg.

The officer then attempts to handcuff the woman, by holding her down with his knee on her neck. The same way Lionel Morris and George Floyd were killed but on the front of her neck instead of the back of her neck.

The woman’s children can be heard at this point screaming, “Mommy! Mom! Oh my God!”

“Excuse me sir, why is you on my neck? Why is you all on my neck? My fucking neck, bro,” the woman yells.

The video ends a few seconds after she yells.

The incident happened approximately five hours away from where Ahmaud Arbery was killed by a former cop and his son earlier this year.

Attorney Gerald Griggs, who is also apart of the NAACP, took to Twitter saying he has serious questions about the footage.

The Gwinnett County Police Department released a press release stating that they were called on Tuesday over a report of alleged property damage.

Once the officer arrived, he was informed by the one who called in that two women through a bottle at her vehicle, according to the press release.

“When the officer arrived, he was informed by the complainant that two people had thrown a bottle at her car. She also said the people threatened to assault her and beat her 9-year-old child. The incident of the bottle being thrown was captured on surveillance video. That video shows a woman come and retrieve the bottle from the yard before police arrived. The complainant directed the officer to the house where she believed the suspects were staying.”

The department has opened an investigation and the officer is currently on “an administrative role” pending investigation.

The press release ends with:

“We have a long history of being transparent public servants to the citizens of Gwinnett County. We will continue to keep our citizens up to date with information on this case as the facts are collected.”

PINAC News has requested the name of the officer, how long the officer has been employed, and a copy of his body camera. We will update the article once the department responds.

Watch the original videos on TikTok.

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Yet another COP (C_odes, O_rdinances, P_olicies, S_tatutes) that has ZERO education regarding the first hour of the first day of LAW.
"they were called on Tuesday over a report of alleged property damage"
A phone call imparts no jurisdiction whatsoever.
"“When the officer arrived, he was informed by the complainant that two people had thrown a bottle at her car. "
A "complaint", is sworn, under oath, verified by a court officer and imparts jurisdiction to the Sheriff, not municipal terrorists, Sheriff, through a warrant, signed, with wet ink, by a judge of competent jurisdiction.
No officer can make a lawful arrest for a misdemeanor that he did not witness and does not have a proper warrant to impart jurisdiction and is accompanied by the affidavit of claim sworn by the injured party. There is absolutely no jurisdiction without this. As clear cut Denial of Due Process of Law as there ever was.
So, this COP, exceeded his jurisdiction, acted outside his authority, violated his oath of office, committed assault and fraud under color of law. As per USC Title 18 section 241 & 242. He is a criminal. His direct supervisors, trainers & employers are equally complicit in his felony crimes.
The action against him MUST be bought only, strictly, in Common Law jurisdiction.


This is only in response to the knee on the neck. Didn't see it in the video the same way that George Floyd happened. Sometimes a knee is placed to the side of the head / underneath the head as a form of control. This was starkly different then what happened to Floyd where a knee was placed on the neck to cut off the blood supply. No choke applied in this video as far as I can tell. Please stop spreading misinformation.


Another cop getting punished with a paid vacation while they decide how to save the cops career.


this blue lies mafia thug over reacted. he should have known that dealing with anyone that is upset or overly excited because of an issue. he needs to step back and let people calm down. also he could have asked one of the calm people to step off the porch to talk to him instead of thinking he is the boss just because he is there, he can make demands.... there are many other ways to deal with a situation like this, it is obvious cop school didn't teach him any!


Wow you are really reaching in this one no knee on her neck at all my brother why post a lie just curios


This officer has lost his mind. He apparently doesn’t know freedom of speech. This is definitely not defusing a situation. He became the bully with a badge. This is very sad for this family. I hope this family gets justice.

Cops Gone Rogue