WATCH: Illinois Man Stands up to Police Intimidation with Knowledge of Law

Carlos Miller

The Chicago Heights cops failed in their fishing expedition for active warrants.

For more than five tense minutes, a group of Chicago Heights police officers surrounded a car they had pulled over and tried to intimidate the man in the passenger seat to provide them with his identification.

But the man, a 40-year-old black man who said his name was "Shaun," refused to provide his identification on the basis they had no reasonable suspicion he had committed a crime.

The cops claimed they were looking for a man and wanted to see if it was him but the man got them to admit he didn't even fit the description nor was the man's first name Shaun.

At one point, a cop tells him not to reach for anything while another cop demands his identification which could have easily led to his death.

"This is not a stop and ID state," he says. "This ain't no Nazi Germany or none of this shit, man. I'm riding in a car, you pulled her over."

When the man demands to know what crime he is committing, a cop named Meder tells him is "obstructing."

However, the cop was bluffing because there is no law in Illinois that requires passengers to present their identification if they are under no reasonable suspicion that they have committed a crime. And the man called them on their bluff.

"Failure to ID is a secondary crime if I had committed a crime," he responds.

The video was uploaded Monday and the cops had pulled the woman over for reasons that are never made clear in the video but it was clear they had no interest in the driver who was recording the interaction between cops and her passenger.

Instead of pulling out his identification, the man repeatedly requests a police supervisor but that request was never met on the video.

Even after the cops gave up in their fishing expedition with one of them telling him to "have a good day" at the 5:30 mark, the man still insists on seeing a supervisor.

"This ain't over, I want a supervisor," he says.

But the cops ignore his request and walk away as the man and the female driver bombard them with profanity and insults. Watch the video below.

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That was funny but his window was too far down and he was talking to the cops. Never talk to the cops.


let the police retaliation begin! now all the victim needs is about 6 months of recording like this to show that there is a pattern of poLICE misconduct, and if there is an increase of police contacts, then we know it is retaliation! and a civil suit can move forward.

ALWAYS REMEMBER, KEEP THAT RECORDING DEVICE HANDY AND WHEN YOU SEE A COP, START RECORDING! even if the cop is doing nothing more then going on break or passing through!

Cops Gone Rogue