WATCH: Kentucky Cop Tasers Woman Sitting on her Hands who Broke no Law

Louisville Metro police officer Gregory Satterly has been fired.

Carlos Miller

Louisville Metro police officer Gregory Satterly has been fired for at least three excessive force incidents.

Louisville Metro Police Steve Conrad likes to pretend he cares about the safety of the community. It is the reason, he claims, he had to fire a thug cop named Gregory Satterly in April.

However, it took the chief almost three years from the time it became evident Satterly was a menace to society before he fired him. During that time, Satterly abused at least two more people.

And then it took an additional seven months to release the bodycam video (released earlier today and posted below) from the first incident showing him pulling a woman out of a car and tasering her as she sat on her hands asking for a supervisor.

And even then, Conrad made no attempt to strip Satterly of his law enforcement credentials so he is pretty much lying about wanting to protect his community from thug cops like Satterly.

In fact, it appears the only reason Conrad moved to fire Satterley in April was to save him from losing his credentials. After all, a Kentucky law was set to go in effect in June requiring agencies to notify the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council of officers who are terminated.

The state law enforcement council which certifies officers in Kentucky would then be expected to revoke his certification.

But because Satterly was fired in April due to a "pattern of aggressive and angry behavior", the chief was under no obligation to notify the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council.

So for all we know, Satterly is working as a cop in another agency, continuing his aggressive ways.

"Unfortunately, after reviewing these cases, I believe our community needs to be protected from you," Conrad wrote in his termination letter.

The first incident took place on October 23, 2016 and resulted in the city of Louisville paying the couple a $50,000 settlement.

The woman, Nyshan Beckam, had been sitting in a car with her husband in front of a relative's house waiting for them to come home when police confronted them and accused them of trespassing.

Police said they were responding to a call from a neighbor but the couple was not breaking any law by sitting in their car in front of the house.

Charges of resisting arrest and trespassing were dismissed against the couple the following year.

According to WDRB, the news station that obtained the video:

The footage reveals for the first time the incident that resulted in Metro government paying the Beckams $50,000 to avoid a lawsuit alleging they were assaulted and wrongfully arrested and that police tried to cover up Satterly’s action

Now, the Beckams and their attorney want to know why an internal investigation of the incident took more than two years to complete and Satterly stayed on the street, where he used excessive force against two more citizens before he was fired in April.

“He continued to have a job and carry out two more incidents, that we are aware of,” said attorney David Johnson, who represents the Beckams. “It’s not clear how an officer could have a job after what happened in this body camera footage alone.”

LMPD hasn’t responded to questions asking why Satterly remained on active duty during the excessive use-of-force investigation and why the investigations took so long.

Nor has the department provided body camera footage of Satterly’s excessive force incidents, which WDRB requested in September. A spokeswoman said at the time those recordings could take months to produce.

The bodycam footage from the first incident is posted below but we're still waiting for bodycam footage from Sattery's other incidents with the department refusing to explain why it is taking so long to release them.

And understanding that, there is no way Chief Conrad can truthfully claim to care about the community he serves.

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad.

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if ever there was a solid case to strip cops of their QUALIFIED IMMUNITY and sue them for all they're worth, this is it.


How did the other cop manage to handcuff a man and this one had to tase an old lady. He need to hit the gym.


Public executions of these thugs will bring about the 'Change We Need' and in a hurry might I add. I am heartfelt to note, given the slow turning wheels of justice, some American patriots have taken this task upon themselves and created, I am sure, the "shock and awe" felt at every blue funeral in the country.


with that new notification law that gypsy cop probably won't lase long at a new doughnut shop!

Cops Gone Rogue