WATCH: Las Vegas Cops Fatally Shoot 'Suspicious' Man Holding Toy Sword

Man with plastic sword shot by Las Vegas police
Man with plastic sword shot by Las Vegas police

Lloyd Napouk was armed with a homemade plastic sword that was “very special to him” when he was shot and killed by Las Vegas police.

Ben Keller

Body cam video shows a Las Vegas cop fatally shooting a man holding a homemade toy sword made from plastic and tape.

Body cam video has been released showing a Las Vegas police officer fatally shooting a man armed with a homemade toy sword made from plastic and tape.

According to relatives, Lloyd Napouk, 44, made the sword himself and the item was "very special to him."

"We have information . . . in talking with the folks related to him . . . that he had made this device. He called it a sword. He was very proud of it," Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank said during a press conference on Tuesday.

"He really looked at it as being very special to him."

It happened at around 12:22 a.m. on October 30 after police received a call about a suspicious man, walking around carrying a some sort of weapon.

The caller reported to dispatch the man was holding some sort of machete, but it was later determined to be a homemade, toy sword made with plastic and electrical tape.

Officers arrived and located Napouk about a mile away from the original location reported, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Arriving officers then drew their weapons on Napouk and began asking him to drop his "weapon."

"Get out of here,", Napouk can be heard saying in response.

"It's not worth it," the officer who eventually shoots him can be heard saying on his body cam.

"Dude, just drop it," an officer says.

"I don't want to shoot you today."

But Las Vegas police officers Buford Kenton and Cameran Gunn did just that.

"I'm going to shoot you," Kenton screams.

"If you come one more step, you're dead."

Both officers fired a total of seven rounds into Napouk.

Kenton and Gunn both claimed Napouk advanced towards them.

Medical personnel arrived and pronounced Napouk dead at the scene.

Police would later discover the 22-inch "machete" was actually just a toy sword.

Napouk lived about a mile away from where he was killed with his girlfriend.

Kenton and Gun have both been placed on paid leave, pending an internal affairs investigation.

Watch video of the shooting above.

Tuesday's press conference with Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank is included below.

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Author Ben Keller writes disingenuously in his attempt to paint these cops as cold-blooded killers. He says “Kenton and Gunn both claimed Napouk advanced towards them,” when CLEARLY the video shows the suspect advancing on the officers steadiy while waving his two-foot knife crazily. These are not just “claims”. They’re cold, hard facts. The officers give the guy multiple warnings, but he continues to advance.

Why omit these critical facts, Ben? I suggest you either learn to write fairly, or stop publishing as a journalist and mark all your pieces as “opinion”.


Wheres maafakin taser now, they both had them, wadafak people wake up.. Dont protest against Donald Trump, and for false rape culture, and women rights i mean feminist rights etc.. Protest TO Donald Trump against cop all white, black, yellow.. This must be stopped, im from Croatia(ex Yugoslavia) we had bloody war before 20 years and have enough weapon to kill small country and dont have law to carry weapon but dont kill each other and if cops do something like this they gone, and we dont even have dash cams.. I just saw in 2018 in USA cops killed, this must stop!! Im just angry watching what theyre doi g to yall


God forbid the cops backup.


Did you know this? Police have killed 852 people in 2018.

Mapping Police Violence is the most comprehensive database of police killings in the nation. The platform collects, analyzes, and visualizes data to tell the truth about police violence and how it impacts our communities:

vegas jack
vegas jack

Just another coward wearing a badge.


Another example of Tyrant cops gone bad and murdered an individual! No taser huh? I don't buy! This Department is horrible up to an including the Sheriff who needs to be flushed down the toilet for being the turd he is. No proof he wanted to die but it sure looks like this department enjoys murdereing citizens!


Suicide by cop. Obviously the sword-wielding man was deeply disturbed. There is no easy way for police to determine that a fake sword isn’t real. Nor a fake gun. Advancing on an officer with either one has predictable consequences. This man wanted to die.

Cops Gone Rogue