WATCH: Las Vegas Police Shoot Unarmed Naked Man in the Back


WATCH: Las Vegas Police Shoot Unarmed Naked Man in the Back

Las Vegas, Nevada Police shot an unarmed naked man in the back as he ran away from them as reported by to The Las Vegas Review Journal

“Police said Jason David Funke, 25, initially complied with officer commands to drop his gun and raise his hands after they responded about 11 a.m. Saturday to Life Springs Christian Church, 2075 E. Warm Springs Road.

Funke then began walking toward a group of officers, Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo said. When he was about 10 feet from the group, the officers told him to get on the ground. Fasulo said Funke took off running from officers towards his gun.

Body camera footage shows Funke walking away from officers for a few steps and then running as a police dog was released and officers started to chase him.

The dog bit an officer’s belt instead of chasing Funke. Officer Mark Hatten fired one round with a rifle, hitting Funke in the upper shoulder within 8 yards of the dropped gun, Fasulo said.”

According to local CBS affiliate :

“Funke was in a church parking lot armed with a semiautomatic handgun while he was making threats against himself. Metro said there were children inside of the church.

On the surveillance video released Tuesday, officers could be heard giving Funke orders to put down his weapon, and at one point the gunman initially appeared to be obeying orders to put down the gun and walk away, but then he turned around and ran toward it. ”

Reported by The Las Vegas Review Journal Funke was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center with survivable injuries, Fasulo said. He is in custody and faces gross misdemeanor charges of possession of a dangerous weapon at a school or child-care property and indecent exposure, Fasulo said.

Fasulo said Funke has no criminal history and has faced issues with depression and suicidal thoughts in the past.


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