WATCH: Leaked Videos Show George Floyd Crying as Cop Points Gun to his Head

Carlos Miller

The videos show George Floyd was the only one fearing for his life on the day he died at the hands of Minneapolis cops.

A rookie Minneapolis police officer pointed a gun at George Floyd's head after confronting him over a fake $20 he was accused of using in a convenience store, according to leaked bodycam footage that had only been viewed inside a courtroom.

"Please don't shoot me," Floyd responded, holding his hands in the air, then placing them on the steering wheel as ordered to do so.

Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane, who was on his fourth day on the job, did not shoot him but pulled him out of the driver's seat as Floyd wept and pleaded. Within minutes, Floyd would be dead after a veteran police officer, Derek Chauvin, planted his knee on his neck for more than eight minutes in an incident caught on video that shocked the world on May 25. Public outrage led to the cops losing their jobs and facing murder charges.

Last month, Judge Peter Cahill issued a gag order forbidding attorneys to talk to the media. The judge also forbade the publication of the videos even though he allowed it to be viewed in the courtroom or by appointment only. He also allowed the transcripts to be published.

According to the Free Press in Minnesota:

Media organizations, including the Star Tribune, Minnesota Public Radio News and The New York Times have challenged the judge’s restrictions, referencing the law and the need for openness in one of the biggest criminal cases in the country. The Floyd killing has stoked protests against racial injustice across the globe.

The video was filed as part of a motion by attorney Earl Gray who is representing officer Thomas Lane. Gray asked that charges against Lane be dismissed citing evidence supporting such a case from the video.

Judge Cahill has argued that the more people see evidence and videos in the case, the more difficult it will be to find an impartial jury pool that hasn’t been “tainted” by publicity. Cahill also has issued a “gag order” restricting lawyers, prosecutors and others involved in the case from speaking to the press.

He has since lifted the gag order but has made no move to reverse his decision on the videos. The videos were leaked to the Daily Mail and can be viewed here and here. The shorter of the two videos is posted above.

Read the transcript here.

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Why does this site protest film of this incident being released?
A blind man could watch this video and conclude that the officers acted reasonably and equitably with George Floyd.


Judge Cahill has argued that the more people see evidence and videos in the case, the more difficult it will be to find an impartial jury pool that hasn’t been “tainted” by publicity.

if there is ANYONE that hasn't heard about this murder, then they must be living under a rock somewhere!

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Proof that the legal system is a circus. It's more about the lawyer game than it is actual justice.


actually it's about who can buy justice and who can't afford it!


This "judge" you reference is a prevaricating ghoul. What he means is that the more public sees the evidence, the more clear what a crock of baloney the police gave as the excuse for manhandling him, the more obvious it was Floyd had clearly stated what he was distressed about and that it had nothing to do with "a drug reaction" like the police tried to lie and say they thought (as excuse for excessive force). Floyd's evident anxiety was clearly everything to do with his terror of the police from having been shot before; he was having PTSD panic and trouble breathing even before the final kneeling on his neck, which was even worse and more clearly obvious from this video an action that should never have been contemplated by police given his condition in the car.

The excuse of inexperience of the thugs in training is a poor one, as we watch them push Floyd around so cavalierly. Mr. Floyd clearly stated his distress was a reaction to seeing the gun from having been shot before, and his friends told the police this. But, like a gang of mobsters, all three cops shoved him around like a rag doll, yanking on his arms, pushing him while he cried, and terrorizing him. Then, oops, they killed him during their bullying spree. And apparently thought they would get away with it.

Will they get away with it in the end? The police mob fraternity will try to arrange that.


the blue lies mafia union will try to protect these criminals, but in the end these criminals will be made an example of!

Cops Gone Rogue