WATCH: Louisiana Cop Punches Non-Resisting Man Ten Times, Bloodies his Face

WAFB Channel 9
WAFB Channel 9

INVESTIGATION LAUNCHED AFTER BRUTAL ENCOUNTER CAUGHT ON CAMERA: The Baton Rouge Police Department is investigating a video that has surfaced online...

Ben Keller

A Louisiana police department is investigating a video that surfaced online showing an cop repeatedly punching a man.

The Baton Rouge Police Department has launched an investigation after a video surfaced online showing one of its police officers striking a man in the face repeatedly with a closed fist.

Video shows the officer, who has not yet been identified even though the department is aware of the footage, punching a man in the face at least ten times in a matter of a few seconds.

The man's face appears bloodied from being beaten by the officer.

In the 30 second clip posted online, the man, who is not wearing shirt, does not appear to be resisting or fighting the officer.

"It's man against the police," a man witnessing the incident says in the beginning of the video, which was shot in the parking lot of a bar in Tigerland, south of the LSU campus, according to KALB.

"What do we do?"

"Cop tackles him," the man narrates as the officer attempts to pick the man up by his legs.

"Cop's trying to get him. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"

It's not exactly clear when the video was taken, but a spokesperson for the Baton Rouge Police Department stated the department launched an investigation after it became aware the footage surfaced online.

It's also not clear what the altercation was about, but we will update as soon as the information become available.


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