WATCH: Man Suffering Seizure Dies in Custody after Guards Insist he is on Drugs

Carlos Miller

The Pennsylvania jail guards believed Shaheen Mackey was on heroin or meth but an autopsy found no drugs in his system.

Refusing to believe a jail inmate was having an epileptic seizure, Pennsylvania jail guards strapped an inmate down to a restraint chair, placed a spit mask over his face, then tasered him repeatedly while ordering him to stop resisting.

But the video shows all Shaheen Mackey was doing was bouncing his leg when he died at the hands of Luzerne County corrections officers two years ago.

The video also shows the officers repeatedly accusing him of being on methamphetamine or heroin but an autopsy determined there were no drugs in Mackey's system before he died. However, the Luzerne County District Attorney's office cleared the officers of any wrongdoing last year.

But a lawsuit filed by Mackey's family just resulted in a $3 million settlement this week.

Mackey, 41, had been arrested on a warrant from a protection-from-abuse petition on June 5, 2018, according to the Times Leader.

According to the lawsuit, Mackey told officials at the Columbia County Correctional Facility upon medical intake that he suffered from epilepsy. But when he was transferred to the Luzerne County Correctional Facility, he was never questioned about his medical history. Instead, who ever filled out the intake form indicated that Mackey answered "no" to all the questions related to his health conditions, but never actually interviewed him.

Mackey ended up suffering an epileptic seizure the following day.

The lawsuit states that Mackey became "confused and disoriented" and "stumbled into the wrong cell during lockdown." A corrections officer named Joseph Katra returned him to his cell where he continued to act erratically. Mackey's cellmate then tried to notify officers that the man was having a medical emergency but went ignored for an unspecified amount of time.

Eventually, Katra returned to the cell with a nurse and body slammed Mackey, causing him to foam at the mouth and go into convulsions which the officers took as resisting, the lawsuit states. More corrections officers jumped in when Mackey would not stop convulsing, removing him from the cell and strapping him to the restraint chair which is where the video begins.

The 23-minute video can be viewed above. It was posted Monday on Facebook by the fiancee of Rasheda Hammonds, who is administering Mackey's estate in the lawsuit.

Read the lawsuit here.

Read the settlement agreement here.

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Fuck The Police
Fuck The Police

This was extremely hard for me to watch. I did not watch the whole video.


Been there, done that. The real tragedy is that not all of these people are monsters. I was tortured and almost died in the Federal Bureau of Prisons simply because the 'standard' procedures entail an US vs. THEM mentality, no matter what the level of incarceration, for even prisoners convicted of non-violent crimes.
News Flash: Tourette Syndrome is not a 'preferable' medical condition to have when you are incarcerated.
I have witnessed scenes that leave me 'grateful' that the atrocities committed toward me were not greater than they were. I don't need anyone's sympathy...I am still alive.


maybe, just maybe the DA will take another look at this case......... of coarse he will need to take that cop dick out of his mouth first!

Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

It’s always happens ironically with white cops on the end of all these evil actions and their superiors are just as guilty and the Lord almighty will pay them back ten times more right straight into hell’s fire 🔥.😡😎


I could only watch 5 minutes of this. This is so disturbing! Those cops need to be put in restraints and a spit bag to experience their own torture! Not even to resist...just to sit there and suffer!


Sounds like involuntary manslaughter at a minimum.

Cops Gone Rogue