WATCH: Maryland Cop Threatens to Beat the S**t out' of Mentally Disabled Boy

Nathan Dimoff

A violent Baltimore police officer responded to a 911 robbery call that turned out to be teen looking for his cat.

“I’m about to send this kid to the f**king hospital,“ a Baltimore police officer yelled on a video that was posted online.

“If I see him again, I’m going to beat the s**t out of him!”

The video was posted last week on Facebook by HoodfellasKitchen Eatery, showing the Baltimore police officer arresting the 13-year-old boy.

Deontay Townes and his 11-year-old sister were in a neighbor's yard looking for his cat when then neighbor called police and reported that they believed the boy was trying to break into their house.

"He told them get on the ground. I said, 'No, they ain't getting on no ground," Deontay's mother, Kimberly Townes, told WBALTV. "She 11 and he's 13. They not getting on the ground. So I told them, 'come on.' When I said that, he grabbed my son, like close armed him, hit him down, tried to get the handcuffs on him, then he started closed fisting my son."

The video starts out with Deontay swinging at one officer while the officer pushes him while putting him in a headlock and another officer bear holding his sister.

"Don't touch my kid, dont touch my kid! Get the fuck [inaudible]," Townes yells right after.

"Why did you just punch him?," the person recording asks.

"Because he just tried squeezing my testicles," the officer replies.

After being cuffed the officer walks Deontay to the officer's car.

The officer fails to open up the door and yells to the other officer for assistance opening the door.

"He hit me in the head," Deontay repetitively says as he is being put in the back seat.

“I’m about to send this kid to the f**king hospital,” the officer yells as he slams the car door.

Another officer asks the officer if he is okay.

"If I see him again, I’m going to beat the s**t out of him!," the officer responds.

The video ends with the person recording arguing with the 911 caller.

The arresting officer was caught by another person recording from a different angle responding to the officer asking if he was okay.

Townes told WBALTV that Deontay has a mental disability and that after the video ends an officer calls for an ambulance.

Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith told the Baltimore Sun:

"This was clearly a very hectic and chaotic scene that the officers were dispatched to. We take these matters very seriously and Commissioner Tuggle has demonstrated his commitment to transparency and accountability. This case is being reviewed by the Office of Professional Responsibility as we speak, and that would include the video clips taken by civilians and posted to social media, as well as the police officers body worn cameras, that we hope provide a more conclusive version of events from start to finish."

This is not the first time Baltimore police made headlines.

The one that is most remembered is when 6 officers were charged with the murder of Freddie Gray. Baltimore police also had a supervisor that would rob people. The Baltimore Police Department also made headlines when an officer illegally detains a man while shopping.

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vegas jack
vegas jack

While in Baltimore, NEVER, EVER HELP ANY INJURED POLICE OFFICER, let the fucking Nazis bleed out in the street!

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