WATCH: Militarized Cops Shoot Paint Canister at Woman on Front Porch

Carlos Miller

The Minnesota woman was recording and did not "go inside" when ordered to do so by the soldiers barking orders.

A Minneapolis woman who was recording a group of militarized cops patrolling her residential neighborhood in armored cars from her front porch ended up shot in the crotch with a paint canister for not stepping back in her house when ordered to do so.

"Light 'em up!" a man dressed as a soldier yells before one takes careful aim and fires at the woman, forcing her back inside.

"Ow, that hurt, right on the fucking crotch," a woman is heard saying. "I'm good."

Tanya Kerrsen posted the video to Twitter Saturday night where it quickly began going viral. She said it was the National Guard and Minneapolis police but judging by the uniforms, it looks to be only police.

Share widely: National guard and MPD sweeping our residential street. Shooting paint canisters at us on our own front porch. Yelling “light em up”

The incident took place after Minneapolis imposed an 8 p.m. curfew which was supposed to last until 6 a.m. Sunday morning. However, it is not clear if the curfew meant that people were not allowed to remain on their front porch.

According to Bring Me the News Minnesota:

Minneapolis is under curfew, as of 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. Sunday. The curfew requires people not to travel on city streets, sidewalks or freeways, but doesn't mention anything about where they must be on their own property. Minneapolis residents have however been told to stay inside after 8 p.m.

Minneapolis police have been joined by more than 4,100 National Guard troops, including assistance from the State Patrol and county law enforcement as part of the city and state's response to violent demonstrations that have left a trail a destruction in the days since George Floyd died while in-custody of Minneapolis police.

Check out the video below or above.

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What the fuck is this are we not even able to fucking on our porch ? How the fuck r they able to do that.


Violation of her rights in every sense of the word, lawyer up pig!!


Violation of her rights in every sense of the word, LAWYER UP PIGS!!


Not a canister but paintballs.


these fucktards just declared an act of WAR!
that was felony assault.
curfew, lock-down, marshal law it doesn't matter they where at home as directed. attacking someone not doing anything on there porch is CRIMINAL!


Why aren't these tough guys out where the rioting and looting is happening. Why are they walking down quiet residential streets, shooting paintballs at people quietly and peacefully sitting on the porch?

ANd what's with the lead clown yelling "LIGHT EM' UP !!!" ???

Does he think he's in Fallujah???

If shooting at people on quiet streets who aren't bothering anyone or hurting anything is acceptable under their 'Rules of Engagement', then this is going to get ugly real quick

Cops Gone Rogue