WATCH: New Video Appears to Show Cops Beating George Floyd in Back of Cop Car

Carlos Miller

The footage appears to be from a surveillance video.

A new video surfaced Saturday afternoon that appears to show a Minneapolis cop beating George Floyd in the back of a police SUV while another cop casually watches with his hands in his pockets.

Floyd and the cop are obstructed by the open door so it is not very clear as to what the cop is doing with his hands but a close look through the tinted windows of the vehicle shows the cop appearing to throw punches.

The video also shows another cop had climbed into the back seat from the other side before stepping out.

The 21-second video first posted by journalist and activist Shaun King on Instagram appears to be from a surveillance video. Body cam footage from the cops has yet to be released which will provide a fuller picture of what took place on Monday that led to the murder of Floyd in a video that has been watched by millions, prompting protests across the country.

All four cops in the video have been fired. The main cop who kept his knee on Floyd's neck for eight minutes, Derek Chauvin, was arrested Friday night on third-degree murder and manslaughter charges. His bond has been set at $500,000.

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Body cam footage from the cops has yet to be released which will provide an edited cop friendly version of what really happened. it will be over edited, over cut, over fabricated. we won't see the full uncut version.......
until the blue lies mafia is willing to take responsibility for there actions. nothing changes!
what the punk ass pigs need to do is get on MSM apologize to "WE THE PEOPLE". pledge to get rid of BAD cops, look at there training programs, change there use of force polices, hold there cops accountable with real punishment not the fake slap on the wrist crap. enough is enough! we want action not lip service!

Cops Gone Rogue