WATCH: North Carolina Cop Takes Down Man Armed with Machete — Doesn't Kill him

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Ben Keller

A North Carolina cop used a kick and a taser to arrest a man armed with a machete instead of killing him.

Video from an October 31 police incident shows a North Carolina cop using a kick to subdue a man armed with a machete rather than killing him.

It started after police officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hickory Grove Division received a call about a man armed with a machete who allegedly struck a vehicle occupied by a driver with the blade.

The caller also told dispatchers the man, identified as 27-year-old Correy Watson, the man was armed with a shotgun.

Officers arrived and spotted Watson in the parking lot of a McDonald's and began negotiating with him.

But Watson remained defiant and refused to drop the machete.

That's when an officer armed with a shotgun creeps up behind the man, kicking him in the back and knocking him to the ground, video released by WSOTV shows.

Another officer tasers Watson.

No gun was ever recovered from Watson at the scene; however video shows him clearly in possession of the weapon and challenging officers at the time he is taken down.

Fortunately, Watson, who remains in custody on various felony charges such as second-degree kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon was not killed during the incident.

Watch a short video clip of the incident above.

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Just because the cop took a risk and got away with it doesn’t mean it was a smart move, or one that should ever be part of official training. Once you as a perpetrator threaten someone with a lethal weapon, if you refuse to put it down ANYONE you confront is legally entitled to shoot you to death. In this case the criminal had already assaulted someone, so he’d burned all his rights to life twice over.

You confuse taking a lucky chance with some kind of duty to not defend yourself with equal force. In this case, deadly force was fully authorized, both legally and morally.

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