WATCH: North Carolina School Cop Caught on Video Body Slamming Child under 12

Carlos Miller

The Vance County sheriff's deputy body slammed the child twice.

In the latest example of why placing cops in schools is a bad idea, a North Carolina school resource officer was caught on video body slamming a child under the age of 12 twice for no apparent reason. At least none that involve the deputy's safety.

The Vance County sheriff's deputy is more than twice the child's size. The incident took place in Vance County Middle School. It is not clear when the incident took place but the video surfaced Friday.

The deputy who has not been named has been placed on paid administrative leave as internal affairs conducts its investigation.

According to WRAL:

The video shows a student wearing a red top and the school resource officer in uniform walking toward the camera side by side. The officer stops, reaches out, lifts the student against the wall, flips the child head-down and slams the child to the floor. The officer then bends over, drags the student to a standing position and lets him drop a second time. As the video ends, the officer drags the student toward the camera. The officer appears to be dragging the student by the shirt.

Emma Williams is a grandmother of a Vance Middle sixth grader. She couldn't believe what she was seeing on the video.

"Regardless of how a kid acts, what a kid says, that person, that's a grown man, and the job you have, you gotta have standards," she said. "It's disturbing."

The school reported the incident to central office on Thursday, and then the sheriff was brought in.

Mike Waters, district attorney in Vance County, said Brame acted quickly when the video was brought to his attention. He asked for help to investigate.

"I've been able to assure the family that this is being conducted appropriately," Waters said.

The deputy has been on the force for two years. Watch the video below.

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Wonder how HIS children are? Poor kids.


he could have killed that child or broken his back...and he is "put on leave"????disgusting

Think 4 urself
Think 4 urself

Put on leave, but not arrested. That blue line privilege at it's finest.

Cops Gone Rogue