WATCH: NYPD Unmarked Police Car Wrecked Dirt Bike Rider From Behind


“He just crashed him just now,” said the witness off camera.

“Jurnowski, are you alright,” asked an officer.

“Why are you asking if he’s alright, when he just crashed him?” asked another witness as five NYPD cops in uniform descended on the scene.

“We got it on tape!” yelled the witness as officers demanded that citizens recording the fallen dirt biker recorded the scene.

The 4 second video recorded by a cop watcher in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood, depicts a black Chevy Malibu unmarked police car accelerating rapidly towards a man riding a yellow dirt bike, before cross-fading to his video of the scene of the crime.

The unmarked NYPD car had lights flashing in that 4 second clip, but no siren as it accelerated rapidly towards its victim.

Whoever published the video started by showing a slow motion clip from March 11th of a different NYPD patrol officer, in an official cruiser, pointing his service weapon at an ATV rider in the Bronx, a video that resulted in that cop’s suspension and an internal affairs investigation.

The YouTuber claims that the accident he recorded on March 17th is an NYPD retaliation over an incident, but of course we have no way of knowing if the two incidents have any relation whatsoever.

What we do know is that we have an apparent intentional collision by a police officer, in an unmarked car, without a siren and an injured motorist who is probably in a lot of pain right now.

And it happened in front of a bunch of witnesses.

“Why you so red?” asked one of the witnesses to the mustachioed NYPD cop who apparently was the driver, and who was standing over the limp body of the victim lying in the street, possibly wiping away his own tears, while waiting for medical assistance, “Because you know you did it.”

About a hundred bystanders gathered, many of them recording, most of them shouting crude insults and jibes at the officers about lawsuits, their last name, bacon, sexual orientation and worse, as nearly 20 NYPD officers arrived on the scene to provide crowd control.

Five minutes into the video, the victim is scraped off the pavement by paramedics.

The unruly crowd shouted to the commanding officer on the scene as he interviewed the mustachioed NYPD cop who hit the dirt biker from behind: “HE’S LYING! We got it on tape! Want to see the video?”


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