WATCH: Off-Duty Texas Cop Slams Woman Over Parking Spot

Joshua Brown

A Harris County sheriff’s deputy was arrested for assaulting a woman in a club parking lot in Houston.

Now the charges have been dropped by the district attorney.  The deputy in question has been identified as 29-year-old Brian Jones, reports ABC 13.

On last Sunday night Jones was at the The Live Oak Bar partying. The off-duty plainclothes Jones was standing in a parking spot with a woman dressed in white. Apparently Jones was holding the parking spot for a friend and as his friend attempted to park in the spot, the woman in white tried to block the vehicle from getting in.

It was then that Jones pushed the lady and then a brawl ensued.

Jones pushes the woman around and slams her to the ground several times. Jones even throws a few punches.

A Houston police officer was patrolling in the parking lot and rushed to arrest Jones immediately. Jones was pictured sitting in the back of the police car.

But Jones says that the woman hit him with a cell phone and knocked off his glasses. Jones was charged with misdemeanor assault, but on Tuesday all of Jones’s charges were dropped by the district attorney.

The video is below.


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