WATCH: Ohio Cop Violently Slaps then Tasers Unarmed Black Man Over a Beer Can

Ben Keller

It might be a case of excessive force.

A police officer in Ohio was caught on camera violently slapping a black man and then tasering him.

The incident started over a beer can the officer claimed to have observed.

But no beer container can be seen in the video.

Video footage posted to Facebook by Josiah Murphy on July 16 shows a Columbus, Ohio cop mounted on top of the man, who appears to be unarmed.

"Get on your belly!" the cop repeatedly shouts at the man before slapping him across the face.

"Oh, my god!" Murphy says.

"Get on your belly right night. Or I'm gonna fucking tase you."

"I'm gonna tase you," the cop threatens again.

"Give me your arms and get on your belly," the cop orders the man.

"Where is the beer you (sic) seen," the man asks the cop.

The cop continues ordering the man to get on his belly before tasering him.

"Oh, they did him dirty," Murphy narrates explaining he has to go as he walks away from the say.

"I gotta go."

"They beat his ass on camera."

A man who witnessed the incident approaches and asks for a lighter.

"This one is going viral. They (sic) was punching him in his face. I got it on camera, bro."

The video currently has over 56,000 views on Facebook.

The officer seen in the video has not yet been identified.

It's not yet clear what the man being beaten and tasered was arrested for.


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