WATCH: Ohio Cops Shoot and Kill Unarmed Man in Front of his Children

Ben Keller

WATCH: Ohio Cops Shoot and Kill Unarmed Man in Front of his Children

Ohio cops shot and killed an unarmed man in front of his girlfriend and three kids last week after he refused to pull over for a traffic violation.

Roy Evans Jr., who had a suspended drivers’ license, led police on high speed chase for 14-minutes on March 7.

When Strongville cops spun out his van with spike strips, Evans Jr. reached down, attempting to light a cigarette.

That was the last thing he’d ever do.

“Let me see your hands! Let me see your hands!” an officer screams seconds before blasting Evans in the chest point blank with two rounds.

Meanwhile, Evans’ children in the van looked on as a Strongville cop cuffed their dead dad, dragging his limp body to the pavement.

A state trooper on the scene cuffed Amanda Pauley, Evans’ girlfriend, and placed her in a patrol cruiser after sitting her next to Evans’ body.

Amanda Pauley And Roy Evans Jr.

“Please don’t let him die,” she pleaded with officers.

An officer can be seen approaching the drivers’ side window and screaming at the children inside.

“Don’t look at it! Don’t look at it! Don’t look a it! Don’t look at it!”

“That’s my dad, dog,” one of Evans’ kid cries to the cop. “That’s my dad!”

“Don’t look at it!”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” the kid sobs. “Why the fuck would you shoot him like that?”

“I got it, man. Don’t look at it.”

“That’s my dad, please bro. C’mon, bro., please. That’s my dad.”

Officers can be seen going through the motions, attempting CPR, but they obviously weren’t concerned about his life when they dragged him onto the pavement face-first with two fresh bullet holes in his chest and cuffed him.

“I got blood all over my hands,” one cop can be heard whining to the others.

Evans girlfriend of 10 years, Amanda Pauley, told Fox 8 that she and the children were returning home with Evans after completing a carpeting job when the chase started.

Pauley stated Evans’ had a criminal past and was driving without a valid drivers’ license, so he fled when officers tried to pull him over because he didn’t want to go to jail again.

Jill Del Greco, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office spokeswoman confirmed no weapons were found on Evans, but hinted officers will use the defense that Evans might have used his van as a weapon in order to clear the officers for hastily shooting an unarmed man in front of his entire family.

“We are still investigating to determine whether or not the van itself was used as a weapon,” she said.

Strongville police declined to comment and have yet to identify the officer who fired the fatal shots.


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