WATCH: Ohio Trooper Loses it after Driver shows ID without Rolling Down Window

Ben Keller

A man with a camera busts an Ohio trooper threatening to bust his window over a speeding ticket.

An Ohio state trooper was captured on camera threatening to break a driver's window after the driver displayed his ID without rolling it down or even cracking it a little bit.

Video posted to Facebook September 30 shows the trooper, who has not yet been named, threatening to break George Mcfry's window with his baton after Mcfry holds his license up to the completely rolled up window.

After apparently feeling threatened, Mcfry eventually rolls his window down and hands the trooper his license.

"How many times do I gotta tell you to open the window?"

"That (sic) don't mean nothing. You (sic) got pen and paper. You can write that shit down."

"I don't play like that!" the trooper yells back at the man.

"Play like what, man?"

"When I tell you to open the window and I need your license, I need your license."

"So you're going to break my window for a license?"


"There (sic) aint no reason for that."

"You need to comply."

"Comply?" Mcfry asks.

"Yeah," the trooper shakes his head.

"Oh, man. C'mon...."

Mcfry then hands the trooper his insurance.

"Is this your car?"


"I'm sorry,? the trooper says.

"Yes, sir. Yeah. Jeez. Yeah."

"You're going to be cited for 88 miles an hour when I come back."

Mcfry turns the camera to himself and narrates.

George McfryFacebook

"Man, they take their job too (sic) serious. All of that right there for a driver's license. And they're going to break my window over a traffic ticket? Like that's some bullshit."

Several other troopers arrive on-scene before the trooper who stopped Mcfry returns with a ticket in-hand.

The trooper tells him he's being cited for driving 88 MPH and if he doesn't show up in court, there'll be a warrant out for his arrest before the video ends.

So far, the video has around 24,000 views.

Most of the comments consist of people criticizing Mcfry for not rolling down his window for the trooper.

Others attempt to coach Mcfry on maybe rolling the window down a smidgen rather than keeping it rolled all the way up.

It's not clear whether or not Mcfry intends on contesting the speeding ticket.

No windows were actually broken. And no one was physically harmed or killed during the incident.

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First ask for ID from the stranger at the door. Insist they give you the ID card by handing it through the window for your physical inspection. Once you are satisfied they are who they say they are, then they can see your ID.

A costume is not ID. And a car can be stolen.

Another reason unmarked cars should not used for traffic infractions.

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