WATCH: Oklahoma Cop Runs Over Woman with ties to Irish Mob

Carlos Miller

Her name was Madison Dickson and up until last week

She was one of the most wanted fugitives in Oklahoma with ties to the Irish Mob, a state prison gang involved in drug trafficking.

But that was before a Tulsa police officer killed her by running her over in his patrol car on Saturday, an incident captured on the officer’s dash cam.

The video, released today and posted below, shows the 21-year-old woman running with a gun in her hand.

But it does not show her shooting at the officers as police initially claimed. In fact, they later claimed she did not shoot at them.

According to News on 6.

The videos released Thursday afternoon show several officers chasing the pickup Dickson was riding in, when it turns a corner and is stopped by a minivan that had nothing to do with the pursuit.
In the video Dickson gets out of the truck and starts running down a sidewalk, pointing a handgun at officers as she goes. Some of the officers exit their patrol cars and fire at her, while one officer drives up close to her.
In one video, Police used a red circle to highlight the gun in her hand.
Another video shows one officer drive up behind her, then veer away as she points the gun at him. That is the officer who then runs her down on the grass next to the sidewalk.
The officers directly involved in the incident are on routine leave with pay while the investigation is completed.
For days after the incident the Tulsa Police Department said Dickson fired at police, who returned fire. Sergeant Dave Walker now says, after hours of study of the video, that he no longer believes she fired any rounds. Walker says investigators at first thought the gunshots audible on the video were from Dickson, but now believes they were fired by officers as she pointed her gun at them.

Dickson’s family said she was a good girl gone wrong, getting mixed up the wrong crowd which led to a shooting spree in which she shot two people in the week leading up to her death.


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