WATCH: Oklahoma Security Guard Dressed as Cop Shoots Man,

Carlos Miller

WATCH: Oklahoma Security Guard Dressed as Cop Shoots Man, Claiming it was “an Accident”

An Oklahoma security guard hired to keep patrons safe at a weekend gun show pulled out a loaded gun, pointed it towards people and fired, striking a former sheriff’s deputy, who was also working security that day.

Brian Pounds, who pulled the trigger, is not a cop, but he is wearing a shirt that says “police” on the back.

He did, however, once serve as a reserve deputy under Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz of “fuck your breath” fame.

And like former reserve deputy Robert Gates who is currently imprisoned for killing a man by shooting him in the back, Pounds claimed it was an accident.

But a surveillance video obtained by the Oklahoma news site, The Frontier, shows it more of an act of stupidity, ignorance and negligence.

Firearms training is obviously not a priority at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. At least not for its reserve deputies.

But he will not face criminal charges because the victim, former Tulsa County Sheriff’s Sergeant Rick Treadwell, did not want to file charges against him.

The bullet struck Treadwell’s middle finger and remained lodged there, so he probably won’t be flipping anybody off with that hand for a while.

According to The Frontier:

Treadwell, Pounds and Skiatook Police Chief Pat Dean were working security at the Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms show over the weekend, Treadwell said. The show bills itself as the world’s largest gun show, but stresses that loaded firearms are not allowed inside the Expo Square arena where the show is held.
The Frontier acquired surveillance footage of the shooting on Thursday which shows Pounds remove the handgun from a bag, and handle it for a few seconds before pointing it in the direction of Dean and Treadwell before pulling the trigger.
A flash is visible from the handgun’s muzzle, and Treadwell, seated at a nearby table, immediately leaps from his seat and grabs his hand. Treadwell told The Frontier earlier this week that the bullet struck him in the middle finger, where it remains lodged. He said the bullet ricocheted off the wall before striking him.
Pounds then places the handgun on the table and reaches for his walkie-talkie before other personnel arrive.

Pounds, who does not appear to still be a reserve deputy, is an assessor for the Tulsa County Appraiser’s Office.

He is also married to Tulsa County Sheriff’s Sergeant Judy Pounds, who was sued in 2015 by a former jail administrator who claimed she was the subject of harassment at the workplace.

The former reserve deputy was also involved in a 2005 controversial shooting that is still raising concerns among citizens.

Pounds is the wife of Brian Pounds, a former candidate for Tulsa County Commissioner who works for County Assessor Ken Yazel. Pounds was a reserve deputy for Glanz in 2005 when he and Yazel accompanied other deputies to serve a warrant in Okmulgee County.
Yazel ended up shooting the man in the buttocks after he allegedly tried to grab Pounds’ gun. The 2005 shooting is among the issues a citizens group is asking a grand jury to investigate.

Sheriff Glanz resigned in 2015 after he was indicted on corruption charges, including covering up for his buddy, Robert Bates, the reserve deputy who shot an unarmed man in the back.

Like Pounds, Bates also claimed the shooting was accidental, but he ended up sentenced to four years in prison.

Bates shot the suspect in the back while other deputies were holding him down on April 2, 2015.

The suspect, Eric Harris, 44, ended up dying, gasping for air, telling deputies he was losing his breath.

“Fuck your breath,” Tulsa County sheriff’s deputy Joseph Byars responded.


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