WATCH: Pennsylvania Cop Tasers Unarmed, Non-Resisting Man Following his Commands

Ben Keller

A video posted to Facebook shows a Pennsylvania cop tasering an unarmed man who was following his commands.

The footage, posted by Facebook user Jay Jay shows an unidentified Lancaster cop giving a man commands on a sidewalk.

The cop claimed the man "wasn't listening."

But the video tells a different tale.

"This is what cops like to do when a man is siting down making no crazy movements talking about he’s not listening bullshit and that’s why I recorded there ass


"Legs out, straight out," the cop tells the man who is generally following commands before the cop tasers him.

Suddenly, the cop tasers the man.

"Oh, c'mon, bro," Jay Jay, who also recorded the video, says as the man flails around in pain.

"Well, he's not listening." the cop replies.

"You're really gonna tase him? He was sitting down, though, bro."

The officer continues to give the man orders, along with a female officer who can be heard giving him commands in the background.

"He was sitting down, bro. That's crazy; that's why I record everything," Jay Jay can be heard narrating.

A female can be heard explaining the man wasn't listening.

"I know, but he was already sitting down."

Eventually, several police are able to apprehend the man without further injuring or killing him.

"He was already sitting down, bro.. You don't just tase somebody. People are getting killed every day by cops. I don't know what your'e talking about," Jay Jay says to someone standing nearby as police finish apprehending the man on the sidealk.

It's not clear what the man was arrested or detained for.

PINAC will post updates as more information becomes available.

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Boy after this stuff is videotaped and posted then the “epidemic of excuses” start from the Chief of police, the mayor (great concern' blah, blah blah) and the DA! Etc


Note how the (female) cops are trained to block the filming of police activity. Nice filming job, dude. Cop was asking the guy to put his arms and legs “straight out” (which is totally bizarre) and let’s be clear here...he didn’t exactly do what was asked of him.... Maybe he could not physically perform such an activity? Maybe he was high? Who knows. Either way, VERY glad he was only tased and not SHOT. Freakin’ Police State needs to end. KEEP FILMING EVERYTHING!!!


Pennsylvania is taking the #1 spot for Criminal Cops. It is a tough competition with Florida and Texas fighting for the top position. Keep up the good work, guys. Assholes.

Cops Gone Rogue