WATCH: Pennsylvania Cop Yanks Woman from Car for Recording Traffic Stop

North Braddock Borough Sergeant Larry Butler, left, and Keaira Cooper.

Carlos Miller

Keaira Booker, 23, has filed a lawsuit against the North Braddock Borough Police Department.

A Pennsylvania woman was quietly recording a police traffic stop from inside her car parked on the side of the road when she was pulled out of the car by cops and arrested.

North Braddock Borough police said they had no choice because she was parked more than 12 inches from the curb although they never measured.

But Keaira Booker's attorney says it was nothing but retaliation against her for recording. And the video supports that allegation because even if she was parked more than 12 inches from the curb, it should be nothing more than a parking ticket that does not even warrant a signature to make it valid.

On Friday, Booker filed a lawsuit against the North Braddock Police Department.

The incident took place August 19 when Booker was driving home and spotted police detaining a man on the side of the road whom she initially thought was her father. The man was not her father but she continued recording without saying a word from inside her car.

According to Trib Live:

A video recorded by Booker during the encounter shows that Butler told Booker that she was blocking the roadway. After she moved her car closer to the sidewalk, Butler asked Booker for identification and told her that she was illegally parked. At that point, Booker said the officer became agitated because he knew he was being recorded.

Booker said she was then removed from the car, put in handcuffs and arrested. She also alleged that other officers searched her without consent.

“He pulled me out of my car, slammed me against my car, basically drug me over to his patrol car,” Booker said.

Booker was charged with disorderly conduct. Those charges were later dropped.

“I was very scared when it was happening,” Booker said. “I felt violated. I felt — the only thing that was going through my head was that I was going to be the next Sandra Bland. And still to this day, living in the area where that cop patrols, I’m scared every day.”

Booker was charged with disorderly conduct which is the most common contempt of cop charge used to retaliate against citizens questioning their authority. But that charge has been dropped.

Watch the video below.

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