WATCH: Providence Cop Slugged Compliant Woman 3 Times in Face


“Honestly Fuck this shit is just krazy that’s no way to treat a fucking female! Share this shit!”

A Providence cop is going viral on video, for bashing a woman’s face forcefully, and deliberately three times in a row when she showed passive resistance to an extremely brutal arrest.

The blond woman was wearing knee high black boots and a revealing outfit that looked like what anyone might wear to a nightclub.

A pair of Providence cops arrested the scantily clad woman on the front doorstep of a home, and she appeared to give passive resistance, refusing to stand.

Little did they know that Manny Castillo would record the arrest and share it on Facebook.

Less than 20 hours later, it’s been viewed over 2,000,000 times.

A dark skinned man in a red shirt tried to de-escalate the situation, but the blond woman started slapping the bald Providence Police officer with an open fist.

His partner grabbed and tossed that man in the red shirt like a rag doll away from the stairs, escalating the incident.

As someone – probably one of the police officers – yelled “Get the fuck awfff me,” in a distinctly New Englander accent, the cop slid the blond woman across one of the stairs on the wooden staircase by her hair, and then dragged her down to the sidewalk below.

The blond woman clung to the bald officer’s leg as his partner came ambling down the stairs nearly trampling her, and then charging and intimidating witnesses standing in a circle only feet away.

That’s when the officer struck the blond woman with a closed fist three times as she was defeated on her back and on the ground.

One of the bystanders held their hands out, with palms open as if to ask “Why?” with their body language, and to discourage the other officer from delivering another beating.

The officers dragged the blond woman by her long hair down the sidewalk and into one of their two waiting police cruisers.

After the brutal arrest, the witnesses discussed how wrong it was for police to use so much force against a woman.

They commented particularly in Spanish on how the officer punched the blond woman “en la trompara” which is slang for “trompara” which means elephant trunk as more Rhode Island cops arrived.

This is a breaking story, and will be updated as facts emerge.

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Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

It seems like the only way a cop can do their job these days is to smash and punch, then bash and crunch. Rail Car Fan

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