WATCH: Texas Cop Caught on Camera Brutalizing Pregnant Woman

Ben Keller

WATCH: Texas Cop Caught on Camera Brutalizing Pregnant Woman

A video posted to Facebook Saturday shows a Texas cop brutalizing a pregnant woman by sitting on her back, handcuffing her and then dragging her by her arms behind his police cruiser.

According to witnesses, the cop who has not yet been identified, dragged the woman behind his car in an attempt to avoid being seen by bystanders, some who were recording.

Footage of the incident that took place in Big Spring was posted to Teresa Sanchez’s Facebook page.

It has now been shared more than 600 times.

Sanchez commented the woman, who can be seen passively resisting her arrest, continued to repeat she was pregnant as her body remained limp.

“She kept saying she was pregnant, so if she was I don’t know they shouldn’t of done that,” Sanchez posted.

One commenter argued the woman was resisting, although it’s apparent she wasn’t combative.

“Well I see nothing wrong with this even if she was yelling she was pregnant,” Tony Guzman posted to Facebook.

“If she was worried about being pregnant she shouldn’t get herself in that situation or resist. Just sayin’.”

Others argued the woman shouldn’t have resisted because the officer is a big man.

“Do not RESIST. Especially when the officer is a BIG MAN, you will never win!!” Arlissa Willingham Murphy Schober argued.

Jamie Sanchez disagreed, saying it was plainly clear the level of force used by the officer was unnecessary.

“Big man or not.. Gives no reason for the BIG MAN to act the way he did,” Sanchez replied.

“I understand restraining someone but not so much excessive force.. Then he pushes her head down after the handcuffs are already on her. Again like I said i t would be different if this was one of y’all or friends or family y’all would change yalls whole opinions. I myself don’t know who this was but I can plainly see that was not right!!”

The two videos are embedded below.


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