WATCH: Texas Cop Points Gun at Young Kids Shouting Profanities at him

Ben Keller

Video posted to Facebook Friday shows a Texas cop brandishing his gun on unarmed children during an arrest.

The video, posted by AJ-King Stoner, shows an El Paso police officer who has not yet been identified pulling his gun after the incident began and pointing his gun at a group of kids who were shouting at the officer, apparently for how he was handling the detainment and eventual arrest of another young kid on the sidewalk.

"F**k you, p***y!" one kid yells before the cop pulls his gun.

"Put that shit back," a man recording with his camera says.

"Back up," the cop tells the man recording.

"Put it up!" he orders the officer.

"You! You again?" the officer says, apparently recognizing the man recording him.

Meanwhile, the cop places his knee in the face of the kid being detained, wedging his head between a brick wall and his knee.

"It's OK. We're going to file a report on them," the man recording says.

"Hey, you can't do that to him," one kid yells at the cop before other children begin joining in taunting the cop for his treatment of the kid being arrested.

Eventually, the cop forcibly move them out of the way and places two young people being detained in the car.

A woman who witnessed the incident begins arguing with the officer while places the handcuffed children in his patrol car.

The officer then attempts to intimidate her as well, chasing her as if he were going to detain her.

She runs away.

"Come here! I know where you live," the officer threatens the woman, who is also recording.

Later, the cop asks the woman what her problem is and the woman and children continue to taunt him for pointing a gun and little kids.

"You're being a little bitch."

That's when the cop decides to arrest her son who complained the cop committed "assault on a minor."

"Just because he's my son, he's gonna take him in. What a pussy. What a pussy," she says before telling a cop not to talk to her.

"I wasn't her, ma'am, he says, trying to calm her down."

"Somebody is going to end up dead one of these days."

"Everybody, just remember their face."

"Y'all (sic) aint shit without that uniform," one of the boys yells at the cop.

Eventually, the man recording was reportedly also arrested.

The video, which was posted on Friday, now has over 1.2 million views.

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Ben Keller
Ben Keller


Thanks for posting the publicly available information. We like to include all the details.


thanks great video keep up the good work out their PINAC!!!! Greg Allen Chief of Police (915) 212-4000 or I.A. Division #1-915-212-0157

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