WATCH: Texas Cop Shoots Woman to Death after she tells him, "I'm Pregnant"

Carlos Miller

Baytown police claimed the woman took the cop's taser and used it on him but the video does not show that.

A Texas cop who was tasering a woman in the parking lot of her apartment complex ended up killing her when she grabbed the taser from him Monday evening.

Baytown police are claiming Pamela Turner, 44, was able to taser the cop, which is why he shot her multiple times.

But a witness captured the shooting on video and it does not appear she used the taser on him. If anything, it appears as if she grabbed the taser from him to keep from being tasered, which is a natural reaction.

Police were upset about the video.

“It’s unfortunate that somebody takes a tragic incident like this and posts it on social media,” Baytown Police Lieutenant Steve Dorris told KPRC-TV. “It’s extremely disrespectful for everybody involved, but that’s the day and age we live in with social media.”

Disrespectful, perhaps, because the video is not consistent with police statements.

Lt. Dorris posted the following on the agency's Facebook page:

Baytown Detectives are on the scene of an Officer involved shooting in the 1600 block of Garth Road. It is very early in the investigation however what detectives have learned thus far is one of our officers, an 11 year veteran with the department, was patrolling an apartment complex in the 1600 block of Garth Road when he came across a 45 year old female that he knew from previous encounters and knew she had outstanding warrants. The officer contacted the female and attempted to arrest her at which time a struggle ensued, forcing the officer to deploy his department issued Taser at the female. It appears that as the officer was then attempting to handcuff the female she was able to gain control of his Taser and turned it on the officer, Tasing the officer, which forced the officer to draw his duty weapon and fire multiple rounds at the female, striking her at least once. The female has been pronounced deceased at the scene. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is on scene and assisting in the investigation, as is normal in these types of incidents. Any future updates will be provided via an official press release later today, as the investigation unfolds.

Lt. Steve Dorris

Police say they are now looking to speak to the witness who recorded the video which is usually an attempt at intimidation.

They also say Turner had three outstanding warrants, including two for criminal mischief and one for assault resulting in bodily injury. They also said the cop had "prior dealings" with her.

Turner's sister, Antoinette, said Turner was on medication for schizophrenia. Antoinette also said that Turner had complained about the cop for harassing her on previous occasions. She said the cop lives in the complex but that has not been confirmed.

Turner's family were unable to confirm whether she was pregnant.

Witnesses told the media that the woman was “not a bad person” and she would “just walk around, smoke her cigarettes and walk her dogs.”

Police have not released the cop's name but say he is an 11-year veteran and has been placed on administrative leave.

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Good C

I checked the link you provided but the police department deleted those public records. Is that against the law?


Cops are nothing but bullies,racists and cowards...They hide behind their badges and big guns. Law Enforcement is one of the top 10 careers where a whole lot of them are psychopaths?


He murdered her! He wasn't in fear for his life. Stop hiring cowards and racist to be cops! He should spend the rest of his miserable life in prison. I wish I hadn't watched him execute her.


I know "Schizophrenic Woman grabs (at) cop's tazer, he shoots her 5 times" is less clickbaity and less titilating but accurate.

Few 44 year old women get pregnant - maybe if she shouted she was God or the Queen of England or the Virgin Mary?

Why do you weaken your credibility by emphasizing trivial facts. This is a tragedy and another in the murder of mentally ill by Cops, but you insist on spinning it like it was a (truly) pregnant woman instead of a mentally ill one that was shot.

Cops Gone Rogue