WATCH: Texas Cop Tasers Man for Dancing at Bus Stop

Carlos Miller

WATCH: Texas Cop Tasers Man for Dancing at Bus Stop

A Texas cop tasered a man for doing nothing more than shuffling his feet with his hands in his pockets while standing at a bus stop Tuesday.

It appeared the man was dancing, but he may have just had a full bladder.

He may also have been flipping cars off, prompting a woman to call police – which should only be done as a last resort.

Either way, witnesses can be heard saying he was not threatening anybody.

Witnesses can also be heard saying the man did not appear to be on drugs, but likely had a mental imbalance.

But cops are the last ones to recognize mental illness in a person that needs to help. It goes against their training where they are taught to treat everybody as an enemy combatant.

The incident, which took place in Austin, was captured on video by a witness, who posted it on Facebook where it is now going viral.

“He didn’t do anything,” a female witness says before the tasering. “He’s just standing there, minding his own business.”

Witnesses also said he appeared to have “some kind of disorder” and a “mental imbalance of some kind.”

One witness pointed out that the man “doesn’t look like he’s on drugs.”

But none of that mattered to the cop, who stood there watching him dancing with himself for a few minutes before calling him over and pulling out his taser, pointing it at his face.

The cop started pushing the man while the man tried to walk away from the combative officer.

The man even appears to try to get on the bus that pulls up, which was probably his intention all along, but the cop was not allowing it.

Instead, the cop tasers him.

“Stop tasering him, you asshole,” a man can be heard yelling seconds after the tasering.

“Am I under arrest,” the man repeatedly asks as the cops sits on top of him handcuffing him.

“Put your hands behind your back and stop resisting,” the cop says, even though the man is lying face down with at least one hand cuffed, clearly not resisting.

Another Austin cop comes pulling up, running out of his patrol car to assist in the arrest that needs no assistance, grabbing the man’s legs and twisting them behind him.

“What the fuck, you can’t do that,” a female witness yells.

Meanwhile, the man with his face planted into the sidewalk continues to ask if he is under arrest.

“He is not even moving,” a female witness yells.

A third cop pulls up, which allows the other two cops to step back for a quick breath, even though the man was never a threat in the first place.

The three cops stand over the handcuffed man who is now sitting on the ground with one of the cops lecturing him about “safety.”

Then a fourth cop pulls up to ensure the dancing man does not dance again.

“Four cop cars for a person that was appearing a little unstable but not bothering anyone,” the woman recording says.

Call the Austin Police Department at 512-974-5000 or leave a comment on their Facebook page.


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