Watch the Video that got a Georgia Cop Suspended without Pay

Carlos Miller

The Monroe Police Department was breaking up a party when one cop violated policy, according to the police chief.

A Georgia police chief wasted no time in suspending one of his officers without pay after a video surfaced over the weekend showing the cop dragging a man out of a house while repeatedly tasering him.

Monroe Police Chief R.V. Watts said his officers were responding to a "large group party" on Saturday night that ended in the arrest of several people although he did not specify on what charges.

He did say the actions of the cop in this video was a "serious policy violation as it pertains to our Code of Conduct." In addition to being suspended without pay, he said the cop will be required to go through "complete remedial and corrective training."

He did not go as far as to identify the officer. The chief's full statement is below.

The video was recorded by Shanna Tory and shows the cop dragging her husband, Ivan Tory, out of the house while tasering him.

They really did my husband wrong please help me spread the word!!! Tased him til he was completely passed out 😵 then tased me for trying to save him!!!

The following is the full statement by Monroe Police Chief R.V. Watts posted on the department's Facebook page Monday.

Monroe, a city of less than 15,000, is about 45 miles east of Atlanta. We will update this with the officer's name once it is released.

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Pigs earning the hate.


i gees we can't have house party's anymore!!!


“complete remedial and corrective training”

Could you imagine if a person broke the law and the governments response was oh it’s OK we’re going to teach you not to do that.

Basically this cop has already been trained and taught not to behave the way he did but no one is teaching us not to commit crimes or even with the laws are.

Basically no second chances for the public

Cops Gone Rogue