WATCH: Three Ohio Cops Suspended for Brutal Arrest of Timid Man

Ben Keller

WATCH: Three Ohio Cops Suspended for Brutal Arrest of Timid Man Standing on Sidewalk at Hospital

Three Ohio cops were suspended after a video surfaced on social media showing them brutally arresting a man standing on the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets after leaving a hospital.

The officers were suspended by their employer, Ohio Health Protective Services, while the security company investigates the incident, according to ABC6 in Columbus.

Video footage shows one officer pushing, pepper-spraying and beating 38-year-old Shelton Adams before arresting him for disorderly conduct.

Adams does not appear to be resisting.

Nor does he appear to be acting disorderly.

The incident was captured on camera by Columbus resident Mellena Jackson Monday and already has over 700,000 views on Facebook.

Jackson wants to know why the man who passively stood outside Grant Hospital had to be arrested in the first place and questions the way the officers handled the situation.

“The way they handled that situation, it should not have been handled that way,” Jackson told ABC6.

“It could have been completely different.”

She began recording the altercation after seeing an officer follow Adams out of the hospital and hearing him say to the cop, “leave me alone.”

The video shows the officer shoving Adams between a wall and a nearby pole then whipping out his retractable baton after Adams flicked his cigarette to the ground.

The baton-wielding cop then begins pepper spraying Adams before delivering a single bash with his baton.

Another officer appears to put his hand out in an attempt to calm his partner before he wound up to strike Adams with the baton.

But after the cop’s visibly-angry partner yanked Adams to the concrete by his shirt, that same officer can be seen piling on along with him, trouncing Adams along with the other officers on-scene.

Jackson posted the video to social media because she said she thought it was important for people to see police abusing their power.

“People need to see this,” she said.

“Police abuse their power and it seems like they’re above the law.”

A spokesman for Ohio Health Protective Services, a police agency granted full law enforcement powers, said the three officers would be “on a fact-finding suspension.”

The security company uses the slogan “Protect and Serve at Ohio Health.”

PINAC was unable to reach Adams to ask how he felt about being protected and served by employees of the company.

But we located Jackson, who stated in a post on Facebook she felt sad that her son witnessed the brutality.


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