WATCH: Utah Cops Shove Elderly Man with Cane to Ground for Walking too Slow

Carlos Miller

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown called the incident "inappropriate."

With complete disregard for the news cameras that were recording everything, a Salt Lake City police officer in riot gear ordered an elderly man with a cane to walk away, knocking him to the ground when he did not walk away fast enough.

"Sadly, a man was just knocked off his feet," the ABC 4 reporter says in her live broadcast as another cop in riot gear – probably aware that the camera was rolling – walked up to the man and helped him back up.

According to ABC 4:

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – While ABC4 News was live on air during riots in Salt Lake City Saturday night they captured a police officer armed in protective gear shoving a man with a cane down onto the street.

That video has now gone viral after it was posted to the station’s ABC4 YouTube channel and has been picked up by viewers around the country, many expressed anger at the officers actions.

ABC4 has reached out to SLCPD for comment who said they have received a lot of feedback on the video. Detective Greg Wilking with SLCPD said it is one of their officers and Chief Mike Brown will be releasing a statement Sunday afternoon on the incident.

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown issued his statement by video Sunday evening which is included in the above clip of the shoving incident. Brown called the incident "inappropriate" and said the officer will be investigated but did not release his name. He said the cop will be investigated by internal affairs as well as by the Civilian Review Board.

Watch the edited video above that includes the incident and the chief's statement. The video below is the entire news clip that shows the cops were angry that the protesters had burned a police car.

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Wow it’s abso mind boggling how that officer can shove that man on the ground for no reason and until another officer came to help him up did absolutely nothing. He had no regard for his life whatsoever. He should be fired and arrested as well as the other officer that shoved him too, he just didn’t fall that time. This civil unrest is the popos fault and they’re still being violent towards unarmed people that are simply protesting the injustice we as POC deal with more than 50% of the time when dealing with them. They are so worried about a damn car but forget a life that can’t be replaced, that’s a f**ked up mentality. Malcolm X said “We will meet non-violence w/non-violence and we will meet violence with violence. Truer words were never spoken. We are fed up of turning the other cheek yet continue to have to be met with violence and no one is held accountable.enough is enough!!!


Real fucking heroes man ! Shame!!! Shared in Chicago


What a despicable piece of shit knocking over that elderly man like that. Total callus disregard as if anybody that isn't a cop is just vermin or something. This is exactly why this is all happening. This is the culmination of people suffering 40+ years of police abuse of power and the cops still just don't know when to stop!


The reporter sounds like he's going to pop a nut. Just ecstatic waiting for the violence. You can hear it in his voice. Unreal.

Cops Gone Rogue