WATCH: Video Clip Shows California Cops Tackle, Beat 16-Year-Old in the Face

Ben Keller

Video recorded by a witness shows California cops beating a teen minor. Some are calling it police brutality.

A 14-second video clip posted to Facebook shows Bell County deputies beating her 16-year-old nephew in the face.

The video, posted by Maria Isabel, now has over 100,000 views and is stirring debate about whether or not the use of force was justified or excessive.

Some have left comments saying the video is too short to say whether or not the officers used excessive force.

"Fake news! Never trust videos that only show one side of the story," Irvin Diaz wrote.

"I would like to see the full video other than the half that shows the police whooping ass. I bet he flex on them and threw a punch. Then he got his ass whooped. The other punk was about to get it too," Daniel Bulmer commented.

Other said, no matter what happened beforehand, the officers took things to far.

"Whether this dude was resisting or not, they are not trained to beat you up. There are tactics to use, pepper spray, tasers, or bringing you down and cuffing you, not punching and kicking. In my opinion, if you cant bring down a kid appropriately, then you are in the wrong field....horrible but what happened, reason?" Marco Garcia pointed out.

One poster, Denise Sosa, said her father was at the park and saw what happened.

So far, over 1,200 comments have been made on the original video.

The comments range from typical "all he had to do was obey" to "he needed to be restrained."

Jennifer Bunn-Limon asked how punching the kid in the face was necessary to restrain him.

I'm sorry but if you can't think of a better way to restrain someone other than repeatedly punching them in the face I can't help you. I can think of Mulitpul! The other officer who was first to touch him did not beat him. He tackled him. To Restrain him. I'm giving the officer the benifit of the doubt that the guy needed to be restrained by forced. That unfortunately is not allways the case! Maybe you don't understand the definition of restrain. The better question how does punching someone in the face equal trying to restrain someone?

So far, body camera footage from the incident has not surfaced.

Watch the entire clip above.

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