WATCH: WA Cops Taser Naked Man Attacking Cars During “Exited Delirium”

Ben Keller

WATCH: Washington Cops Taser Naked Man Attacking Cars During “Exited Delirium” Episode

Dash cam video captured a Washington cop tasering a naked man during what they say was an “excited delirium” episode, after receiving a call about the man jumping through a window and attacking cars.

The naked man’s roommate told Bellingham police officers the suspect was “on some kind of narcotic.”

The incident took place on October 8. The video was released in November.

At around 11:50 a.m., a caller reported a man to dispatchers in his 20’s with cuts to his body, bleeding after attacking a car.

Police claim that prior to arriving, the man tore off windshield wipers from the caller’s car and used it to attack other cars nearby.

After arriving on-scene, a Bellingham cop’s body cam footage shows him following the naked man to a neighboring house and radio “fight,” according to Bellingham Police Spokesman Bob Vander Yachtd.

The naked man does his best version of a pole dance in the neighbor’s front yard with the cop standing ready to taser him.

Body cam footage then shows the naked unarmed man running straight towards the cop.

Seconds later, the officer deploys a taser on the man, hitting him twice, and the man falls face-first from the front porch of the neighbor’s house onto the concrete walkway.

Shortly after, another officer arrives in time to assist with subduing the man and they handcuff him.

Cops at the scene quickly call an ambulance for the man. Emergency personnel expressed concern that the naked man was in a state of ?excited delirium.”

The cop who tasered the unknown man wearing nothing but his birthday suit was treated for a nose injury and was reported in stable condition.

Bellingham police have not identified the naked man and said his condition is unknown, although they’re treating it as a medical issue.

“At this time, we’re treating this as a medical problem and the man is not being held on criminal charges,” Vander Yacht said.

“The most important concern now is the care of the man,” the police spokesman said.

The first video below shows the Bellingham officer Tasering the man. The second shows footage of the cop who arrived on scene to help handcuff the man.


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