WATCH: Wisconsin Cops Shoot Man Seven Times in Back after he Breaks up Fight

Carlos Miller

The Kenosha Police Department in Wisconsin still has not explained why they had to shoot him seven times in the back.

A shocking video surfaced Sunday showing two cops with their guns drawn trying to catch up to a man walking to his car before one of them shoots him seven times in the back as he is trying to get into his car.

Jacob "Jake" Blake, 29, had just broken up a fight between two women, according to multiple witnesses who also said he was unarmed. Local media referred to it as a "verbal altercation."

Kenosha police described it as a "domestic incident" which somehow led to the cops being "involved in an officer-involved shooting," according to the police press release (posted below) which didn't explain why they shot the man but only that he was in "serious condition."

Jake Blake and his kids.

Witnesses said the cops showed up to the altercation and tasered Blake before chasing after him and shooting him in front of two of his children sitting in the back seat.

Kenosha police said they are handing the investigation over to the local sheriff and state police, according to the press release below.​

The incident took place Sunday around 5 p.m. and by nightfall, the streets were filled with protesters. The video above includes a segment enlarged in slow motion to show Blake was only trying to get into his car.

Another video surfaced Sunday night showing a Kenosha police officer being struck in the head by a flying brick during a protest. The cop was knocked out and had to be dragged away by fellow officers. Watch the video below or here if you don't see it.

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Think 4 urself
Think 4 urself

Lets see, he was wanted for sexual assault on a minor, past priors of assaulting police and a weapons charge, resisted arrest, had already been tazered to no affect, and was attempting to get into his car with 3 of his 5 kids, which would have become a high speed chase that endangered their lives. Nah, no sympathy on this one.


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poorly trained piggy shoots victim in the back. a protest is formed. blue lies mafia cause a fight. criminal cops declare the protest a riot. piggy gets beaned with a brick.
and way too many copsuckers think cops are heroes.

i can already see the blue lies narrative now! they will call the victim a criminal that didn't "comply" with there barking of orders! they tried using a taser that didn't work. and they had to shoot him execution style before he could get in the car and use it as a weapon to run over the super hero cops! and then handing the investigation over to other alphabet mafia's to investigate and claim the MURDER is justified.

as for the piggy getting beaned! lets hope it knocked some since into them!



Buffalo Soldier X
Buffalo Soldier X

The police were not in fear of their lives. This didn't require deadly force. There were several other options available that could've been used.
I did not see a weapon in that man's hand. Yet the officer had a hold of the shirt and fired directly into his back. Bullshit!! 💩


Why are they not learning ??I’m trying not to hate cops but this is fucking ridiculous. What the fuck are wrong with these cops ?? We need to make these cops pay for all the riot damages out of there own pockets only then will it stop

Cops Gone Rogue