WATCH: Woman has Seizure after Chicago Cop Throws her on Ground at Pride Event

Nathan Dimoff

A pride event in Chicago ends with an officer using excessive force.

Chicago Police Department is now under scrutiny after three videos surfaced on Facebook this week of a woman having a seizure immediately after a cop throws her to the ground.

The videos were uploaded by Shantavia Russell on Sunday of an incident that happened outside of the Big City Tap bar around 9:33 p.m. that evening.

Twenty-six seconds into the first video, you can see a woman in all white attempting to punch a security guard.

Three seconds later, you can an officer enter the scene by grabbing her and throwing her on the ground.

"Wait, why you slam her like that," the person recording yells, "damn, why would they do that?"

"She's having a seizure, she's having a seizure," the videographer yells.

In the second video, a different officer can be heard yelling to onlookers to step away and not move her.

The third clip shows an officer holding the lady in all white as she shakes while waiting for an ambulance.

The videographer can be heard asking where the initial officer was at but none of the officers respond.

There were two arrests during this incident according to CWB Chicagos timeline of events.

“CPD takes all force complaints seriously,” department Chief Communications Officer Anthony Guglielmi told CWB Chicagos

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) is currently investigating the use of force in this case.

Police were able to confirm that she as not in custody but could not confirm if the woman in this photo is the same as the one that needed medical help.

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That was the fakest seizure I've ever seen.

Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

"Officer using excessive force". I don't see why this is surprising... considering it seems like it's the normal action taken by "Badge Bully" cops who arrive on scene. Rail Car Fan


Retard Chicago Cops are more concerned about handcuffing a girl who was slammed to the ground and was having a seizure! This department is one of the worst in our great nation and I fault Mayor RhamF????? for allowing this to continue. His COPA is a joke and the Mayor maybe won't be re elected but I won't hold my breathe!


I love what you do but every now and then you uncritically label something excessive force. The police seem to be involved in some other altercation and the woman in white attempts to punch a police officer (I think from behind) and is immediately grabbed and shoved to the ground by another officer. He doesn't pick her up and slam her he pushes her forcefully down. It is unfortunate she was injured but this doesn't really look like "excessive" force to me. Don't punch cops. There are enough terrible incidents that you shouldn't squander your credibility by labeling every use of force as "excessive".

Cops Gone Rogue